Tuesday, 9 February 2021



So what am I up too at the moment?

Of course I am painting. Just now I have started a canvas with Acrylic paint.

I hope also to produce some watercolours. I have just completed 3 little portraits for friends.

I will not post them here as they are personal.

Meanwhile, I am revamping my Products and sorting out designs that are appealing.

Well they must be. After all, I have sold some items in Canada, America and UK!

So I have reserved a couple of pages on my website where I will be posting a lot more products with new designs.

Here is a taste: 

A lot more to see on my website:

A lot more products... such as Coasters

To be found on the page: 

I have also opened a shop on this website where I sell paintings of Watercolour works and canvas in Oil and Acrylic.

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