Wednesday, 2 September 2020

How sickening this is!

 When my husband passed away, I was obviously very distressed!

Can you imagine my surprise a few weeks later, I received a phone call from the funeral parlour.

A French man contacted them, asking for my phone number pretending he had worked with me in France!

As he refused to give his name, I told them not to give my number, instead I gave my personal email address.

It was the next day, I realised that when I worked in France, I was in my  early 20s and the men working with me were much older. It would have been impossible for them to want to be in touch with me after 50 years!

I phoned back to the funeral parlour who told me the gentleman was eager as he had rang back the same day to find my phone number. They had given him my email address.

A few weeks passed, nothing came in my mail box and I was relieved!

Then all of a sudden, a French "gentleman", unknown to me, sent me an email requesting one of my painting.

I did find that contacting me at such a distressing time was of very bad taste, but these people try to con artists when they are at their lowest or distracted by life's events.

He is still waiting for an answer and will not receive any. 

I would prefer to burn my painting than sell it to him!

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