Friday, 18 January 2019

This email address has been stolen by scammers.they are spoofing websites under my name on their contact form.

Of course they are sending links with viruses.

I am not the alone one. They are collecting mail addresses from artists websites and use them to send their dirty links.

So if you do not expect an email from me, ignore it.
Meanwhile I am going to get another address.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Old Annecy - France

Phew, celebrations of end of year are over!
I have lost quite a lot of time, searching for presents, getting organised etc...

At last I am returning to paint brushes.

I have created my first watercolour of the year 2019

                                                                 Old Annecy - France
                                                           Watercolour on Millford paper

                                              Millford paper is produced by St Cuberths Mill

It is their latest paper.
It has a much lovely texture, very smooth, white.
Like every new paper I am testing, I had to adapt to it though.

I have found that wet in wet was slightly different with results than other paper.
The paint that did not have enough water ended up with hard sharp lines.
So I had to watch it!

Otherwise, a very good paper.