Sunday, 6 January 2019

Old Annecy - France

Phew, celebrations of end of year are over!
I have lost quite a lot of time, searching for presents, getting organised etc...

At last I am returning to paint brushes.

I have created my first watercolour of the year 2019

                                                                 Old Annecy - France
                                                           Watercolour on Millford paper

                                              Millford paper is produced by St Cuberths Mill

It is their latest paper.
It has a much lovely texture, very smooth, white.
Like every new paper I am testing, I had to adapt to it though.

I have found that wet in wet was slightly different with results than other paper.
The paint that did not have enough water ended up with hard sharp lines.
So I had to watch it!

Otherwise, a very good paper.


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