Tuesday, 6 November 2018

So what is going on???

Life of an artist is never boring, this is if there is inspiration!

I have heard a few artists saying they were in a hole. It means for some reason, they do not find inspiration.
Yes it happens!

My advise would be to forget about the studio.
Go out, visit exhibitions.

There is nothing like visiting and viewing the work of other artists.

It does not mean, copying what they are doing!!!

It can give us ideas. The idea of one artist can trigger another idea in another artist.

After being refreshed, come back to the studio, clean it, get ready for action and work on a new masterpiece :D

Well, these last few days, I have been busy. I have completed another watercolour.
I also have almost finished my commission that I will post pretty soon. (a canvas)

So here is the watercolour

"Strawberries and Roses" 
on Arches paper with Winsor Newton  and Sennelier paint.

I had started this painting a while ago.
I was not too sure where I was going with it, until I bought a set of Sennelier paint.
I fell in love with these watercolours.
I decided to rework the painting with the Sennelier paint.
It was a joy.
They are vibrant. They are made with honey.

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