Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Quantum Quantum Bitcoin

Yes and now we have to put up with scammers leaving multiple messages on websites!

One is Quantum Quantum, telling me to buy Bitcoin!

Do I ...Blip care about their Bitcoins.
I got better things to do!

Another today is joining the tune, telling me I have missed the opportunity to
become a millionaire.

Nice joke!
I do not want to be a millionaire, thank you.
I love a simple life with my paint brushes.
I do not need a million to live happily!

So those morons come From Ukraine.
One is based in Kiev, the other in Zaporizhia.

I got their IP addresses...

Sunday, 9 September 2018

At last a New Watercolour

Autumn seems to have arrived with change in temperatures.
One day it is warm, the next pretty cold.

I thought it was time to say "Goodbye Summer 2018"
with this watercolour executed on paper Arches 300lbs, Cold Press

Paint: Artist quality Winsor Newton and Daniel Smith.

Why two different types of Paint?
I am always in search of different Pinks...

Pure Watercolour

This email address has been stolen by scammers.they are spoofing websites under my name on their contact form. Of course they are send...