Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Quantum Quantum Bitcoin

Yes and now we have to put up with scammers leaving multiple messages on websites!

One is Quantum Quantum, telling me to buy Bitcoin!

Do I ...Blip care about their Bitcoins.
I got better things to do!

Another today is joining the tune, telling me I have missed the opportunity to
become a millionaire.

Nice joke!
I do not want to be a millionaire, thank you.
I love a simple life with my paint brushes.
I do not need a million to live happily!

So those morons come From Ukraine.
One is based in Kiev, the other in Zaporizhia.

I got their IP addresses...

Sunday, 9 September 2018

At last a New Watercolour

Autumn seems to have arrived with change in temperatures.
One day it is warm, the next pretty cold.

I thought it was time to say "Goodbye Summer 2018"
with this watercolour executed on paper Arches 300lbs, Cold Press

Paint: Artist quality Winsor Newton and Daniel Smith.

Why two different types of Paint?
I am always in search of different Pinks...

Pure Watercolour


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