Thursday, 26 July 2018


Facebook is policing, searching for offensive postings.

It is my belief they should concentrate more on those who sign to commit scams and other nasty acts.

I am entirely with Facebook and other social media to corner and eliminate all hard porn that could damage children. Parents have enough worries about their children being online without having to be concerned about sex pages.

What makes my blood boil is when accomplished artists are being targeted for having posted one of their nudes!

I have had my account blocked for 3 days after posting the nude of one of my friend artists 
Yvonne Melchers and Alan Stevens

You can find their works on Grandmasters of Fine Art Exhibition

I was also told by FB, next time they will delete my account.
The funny side of the story is on my return to FB, I had a message showing me:

Happy Friendship Anniversary with Yvonne Melchers
There was a picture of Yvonne in front of her nude!!!

Painting by artist Yvonne Melchers, banned by Facebook.

Do they know what they are doing?

I think this time they have gone a bit too far.


"The museums, led by the Flemish Tourist Board, claim the social media giant's strict advertising rules have made it impossible to promote one of Flanders’ greatest artists."
"“Indecent. That is the word used to describe the breasts, buttocks and cherubs of Peter Paul Rubens. Not by us but by you,” the open letter reads "Even though we secretly have to laugh about it, your cultural censorship is making life rather difficult for us".

The Flemish Tourist Board has written to the founder of Facebook.
Hopefully they will have a bit more weight Than the rest of us.

Pease read the article in the Telegraph, you will have a good laugh at the expense of Facebook.
They are attacking the grand Rubens. Where will it stop.

So who are those policing FB? Ignorants? bigots? Who is behind such decisions?

If there is a big brain, reading this posting, please can you start a site similar to FACEBOOK, for artists only!! and of course their followers.

Imagine if all artists were going away from Facebook, it would create a huge void there!
They would loose money too.

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