Saturday, 23 December 2017


I had heard of children, teenagers, being targeted on the internet;
Facebook being a prime site as the world meet on there.
Nothing prepared me to find out that artists were getting bullied too.

Not a month goes by without one of my friend artist get abused, violently criticised
and who by? Other artists! or can they really be artists?
I thought the world of Art was about the Joy of sharing our craft, the elating
Joy of discovering each other interpretation of our feelings within a painting.
I too have recently been at the receiving end of an abusing so called artist who
tried to intimidate me.
But I am glad to say, it did not worked!

I have seen artists who were so hurt, feeling so downgraded,
they wanted to leave Facebook.
It is their army of friends and followers who helped them survive this new trend of verbal
onslaught on the internet.

So who are really those morons who abuse others?

People who do not recognise that each artist got a unique style.
We can be hyper realistic, realistic, traditional, impressionist, semi-abstract, abstract
Some of us are not perfectionist and like to experiment, and show on their page what they
have created, only to be abused by those who do not understand.
The same goes for artists who are hyper realistic. They can be the ultimate painters,
but they are crucified too.

Why should these attackers  feel obliged to come on an artist’s page or group to put vitriolic
comments about their style, art, lifestyle etc…????
It is their way to be noticed on Facebook.

On Facebook, they start by inviting the friends of the “targeted artist” to be friend with them. Once they are established, they send the venomous darts to their victims.

These “Art Critics” need to look at themselves!
They are the nastiest of people, cruel human beings, jealousy consuming them.
It helps them to feel superior…. After all my attacker told me he was a “Rembrandt”

They are trying to make a name for themselves or attract a public by destroying another artist!
How can this be right. It is total cynicism.

Shame on them to use the World of Art as a battleground.

Don’t they know, there is more Joy of giving than Receiving?

So, artists, beware, be prepared that one day, someone, will attack you. Be prepared.

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