Monday, 26 June 2017

Time for decisions!

Today I have started on a major project!
I have a few paintings that do not meet my expectations.

I want sunshine, light, fun, something that elates me when I look at my work.
Well some of them do no longer sing a song.
So, from today, I am taking each of my work, examine it, decides if I love it as much as on the first day. If it does not, it means there is something to be changed.
It will be changed!!!
Today, I have started with a large canvas. St Margaret's Bay in Kent near Dover

Below is the painting as it was, in Acrylic ...

This painting was for sale. The more I looked at it, the less I felt for it.

It had to be the first work to be redone!
I am now working in Oil over Acrylic.
Many artists do so and even work with both mediums.

So here is the work so far...

At first sight, the light has been switched on!
I have worked on the sky, the sea (not finished)
The cliffs. They have suffered from erosion since my first painting and I took advantage of the bright chalk to boost the brightness.
More to come....
Visit again to see my next WIP.

I am working with Artisan Oil Winsor Newton



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