Monday, 29 May 2017


I am not gifted with doing videos!
I hate to have to spend time trying to understand technology. I would much prefer someone does it for me.

So I am using photos to explain how I produce a portrait in watercolour.
Actually, some people told me, it was easier to follow.

So here is the explanation:

My first photo is showing the drawing and the first touch of Watercolour.
The grandmother of this little boy is a professional photographer.
She provided several shots. I decided on which one I would be happy to work with.

This photo is not brilliant! It will do.
I transferred the drawing, using the grid method.
It is exact within the dimensions.
I have added some masking fluid on some part of the hair.
I am working on Arches paper 140lb.
I am using Winsor Newton Fine Art Artist watercolour paint.
My first layer is a mixture of Raw Sienna + Permanent Rose.


I am now working on the ear and try to add the edge of the cap between the hair.
I have added shadow on the neck.
At this stage, I am trying to establish light, shadows, colour.

Shadows are produced with:
Raw Sienna + Permanent Rose + a dash of Cobalt


Still searching to establish and position the shadows.
It is a shadow that will shape either the nose, the eyes etc...
I have started on the cap in view to find the balance between the colours of the entire painting.

The cap so far: Cerulean Blue + Cobalt Blue.


Working on the cap: Same blues + Permanent Rose for the shadow.
The front of the cap: Aureolin + Cobalt. Sha

The hair: Aureolin + Permanent rose. Later I will add shadows by adding a touch of ultramarine to Permanent Rose + Raw Sienna.


Now several layers of the skin colour has been added.
I add gentle tones with shadow colours mentioned earlier.


This is the finished painting.


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