Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Saatchi and I

Around 14 years ago, I decided to have broadband. It was the beginning of an adventure.
I was with Yahoo who was giving a little space for a website.
When I see how beautiful are today's sites, I am surprised that mine had caught the eyes of the Saatchi team.

But it was the beginning of people building a website and there were not many artists at all.
I had taken the domain name beatricecloake.com, the famous domain I had lost to a Japanese who used it later to sell hair remover, under my name with my CV on the front page.
It did not take long before he realised there was no future in it and once more my domain name came back to me..

So coming back to the first basic site, one day I received an email by the Saatchi team asking me to join their new site Saatchiart. 
They were giving artists the possibility to show some of their works for free.
Wow! After making a few researches I signed and added some of my paintings.

A few weeks later I received an email by Charles Saatchi thanking me for adding my beautiful work on the site.
I thought it had to be a scam, binned it but found out later it was not.

I also received an email from one person of his team. A lady telling me she loved my paintings, particularly the one of Venice.

Saatchi decided much later to give artists the chance to sell their work without claiming a commission.

These days saatchiart.com has been sold in 2014 to Society 6.
I read that they are in dispute with Saatchi for carrying on their business under his name.
Apparently, he dislikes his name being associated with bad art.

Searching the site, It was not difficult to find among good art, some scribbles done probably by a child, for sale at high price.. a real laugh!

Personal thoughts will come in the next post.

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