Saturday, 4 March 2017


I belong to an international site where I post some of my paintings.

Yesterday there was a discussion regarding Copyright.

An artist was complaining her design has been copied by Chinese.

Those of you who follow me, will know I am a great defender of Copyright.

My answer was removed from the forum. I am going to try to remember it to its authenticity :

"It is well known Chinese copy other people designs. 
China has no rules and no regards about Copyright.
They know there is nothing we can do if they copy our work.
I ended on a note that some people did not like:
It is a shame that such a big country with so many people have not got the brains and have to find ideas from other artists."

May be this comment could somehow be regarded as aggressive but who can blame me when I have so many artists friends whose works have been stolen to be turned into designs or paintings simply copied and for sale on Chinese sites.

So the reaction was:

- My comment was removed, the thread was closed and so when I arrived on it the evening I could not reply to those who attacked me.

- I was reminded that USA was copying other people's works. Chinese people had created designs for centuries.
"Well excuse me but we are talking of now, what is happening on the internet!"

Only a few weeks ago I was praising on this Blog the watercolour artists in China and so I never had the intention to include the entire country and its inhabitants.
Beside, I am backing up two brilliant Chinese artists on the site Grandmasters of Fine Art.

I think the nastiest of comments was from a guy from UK.
He called me a racist and told me I should be ashamed of myself for tarring an entire population!

  • I have never been a racist in my life. I have friends in all countries of the world, all colours, all religions, all politics.
  • I might be living for the last 46 years in UK, but I was born in France. I have suffered from racism quite a lot!!! Many people accepted me, invited me, have been friendly with me, opposite to some who have ignored me and some even told me they did not like the French!
  • For the last 15 years, I have defended artists whose Copyright has been infringed and I will carry on doing so
As for China, it is a country that copy big names, Clothing designers, watches, art, cars, even the latest Lego who now is fighting a company who is copying their product.
If you do not believe me, find out on this link:

As I explain, they have no regard for Copyright and us little artists have no way to fight back!

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