Thursday, 1 December 2016

DETECTIVE WORK! Scam or Genuine email!

Artists are constantly and relentlessly targeted by scam emails 

We need to be on our guard and ready to fight these intruders!

Today I received an email from Artists & Illustrators, they were forwarding me a message left on my Portfolio.

Hum! Nice... may be!

It is not the first time I received messages from the Portfolio on A&I as I suggest on my own website.... "If people are not sure my site is genuine, they can get in touch with me through Artists & Illustrators (My Portfolio)

So here is the message:

First warning by the Magazine: The user is not registered... Most people who contact an artist want to be recognised as genuine too... so they sign.

"Hello Seller"

First mistake. Genuine people call me Beatrice. If they use the term Seller, it has to be a string of multiple messages left to several artists.

"Am interested in immediate purchase of your listed Artwork for Sale on Artists and Illustrators and I would like if it's still available for sale and would love to see our personal website for more artwork if available."

Scammers always tell us they want to purchase immediately. It is a ploy to get you in a panic as we do not like to miss a sale.

Of course they also want to buy several artworks. Think of it... What an offer if you are not tuned to the world of crooks on the internet!

My website address?; It is on the my Profile page!!! 😃

Now as for the turn of phrases and mistakes.... it is the final nail in their box of tricks!

When you are not sure about an email, share it with friends. 
Most of the time, scammers use for their email address, a well known name, mostly dead artists or colonel or poets... all kinds.... It sounds good.

Use Google to research their email address. It can be mentioned in forums by other artists, or be on a list of scammers. Of course this one was the name of an old actress, dead a long time ago... I found her photos but did not know her.

By the way, they wanted to put their claws in this painting:

Tough! you will have to go through FineArtSeen

We will get them !!!!


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