Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Going Chinese? Marie's Watercolour.

 Chinese have learnt, created and adapted and added the Art of Watercolour in the West to their traditional ways of painting.
They have wonderfully well interpreted landscapes and flowers.

With both styles combined, they create truly awesome paintings

It was time for me to find out a bit more.
I asked Father Christmas to bring me some Chinese watercolour paints.
Are they different to ours? Are the colours more subtle?

Could I mix the styles as they do or would I struggle?

I searched the net to find out if there was some Chinese watercolour sets sold in UK.
I found some.
 The difficulty was to find out how they look,  how they behave etc..
I have decided to give some help to artists that might be tempted to give it a go.

So, I chose Marie's watercolour Chinese watercolour paint. (The alone one on the market)

They come only in small size tubes of 5ml.

I was happily surprised to find that each tube was covered by a protective cap, probably aluminium stuck on the opening.
I wonder if it is to help with the longevity of the paint (in case it hardens like some do..)

I am showing an untouched tube.

Before starting a new medium or new paint, I love experimenting with the colours...

(On ARCHES paper)

Each tube has a number. The rest is written in Chinese and so, there is no way to discover the subtle difference between the Reds of the Blues...

I have made a reference chart. May be one day, I will have to replenish a colour or two.

At first glance, I truly thought the beautiful colours of Winsor Newton did not have to worry about the competition.

I suppose it is while working with these colours, I will appreciate their softness within the tints.

I can imagine a landscape painting with the charm of China or Japan.

Now let me show you if there is any difference of tones between the Chinese paints and the ones I use (Winsor Newton - Sennelier)

I have no difficulty in finding the one I prefer
but I will keep it secret!

I also wanted to know how well they could be lifted from the paper.

As you can see: No problem

I also got some Ink as it is the traditional way of Chinese painting.

They are beautiful.

I will find a way to grind them without to go to further expense.
I will give the results later.

I have experimented with them.

The Ink is permanent. It does not lift.
I dampened one stick and rubbed it on some of my watercolour paper.
Once dried I added some Sennelier watercolour.

Interesting texture

Chinese artists use Rice paper. I have received some too.
I still have to experiment with it but I see no reason why I cannot work on HP watercolour paper.
It is as smooth as the Rice paper.

To follow.....

Let me finish with a  painting by artist Qian Xuan [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


It is what I call a Chinese traditional painting
Such finesse, beauty within the style... freshness.

13th Century - On scroll - Ink and colours.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Many thanks to a customer from Ashford in Kent

Many thanks to a customer from Ashford in Kent.

I have just been informed by
I have sold another pack of 10 cards of Winter in Dungeness.

I am very grateful to all my buyers.

It encourages an artist to carry on producing...


Belated thank you to my customers

Artists have a family life too...
It means that sometimes, it can be disrupted.

I would like to thank

A customer who lives along the Thames in UK who bought from

One pack of 10 cards 

1 Card

1 Card


Tuesday, 6 December 2016

A thank you to customer from Australia

A very big thank you to a customer from Australia who has ordered 
goods from my store on

You have made my day.
It means, I have to carry on designing...

Giving you a choice with galleries to explore


Thursday, 1 December 2016

DETECTIVE WORK! Scam or Genuine email!

Artists are constantly and relentlessly targeted by scam emails 

We need to be on our guard and ready to fight these intruders!

Today I received an email from Artists & Illustrators, they were forwarding me a message left on my Portfolio.

Hum! Nice... may be!

It is not the first time I received messages from the Portfolio on A&I as I suggest on my own website.... "If people are not sure my site is genuine, they can get in touch with me through Artists & Illustrators (My Portfolio)

So here is the message:

First warning by the Magazine: The user is not registered... Most people who contact an artist want to be recognised as genuine too... so they sign.

"Hello Seller"

First mistake. Genuine people call me Beatrice. If they use the term Seller, it has to be a string of multiple messages left to several artists.

"Am interested in immediate purchase of your listed Artwork for Sale on Artists and Illustrators and I would like if it's still available for sale and would love to see our personal website for more artwork if available."

Scammers always tell us they want to purchase immediately. It is a ploy to get you in a panic as we do not like to miss a sale.

Of course they also want to buy several artworks. Think of it... What an offer if you are not tuned to the world of crooks on the internet!

My website address?; It is on the my Profile page!!! 😃

Now as for the turn of phrases and mistakes.... it is the final nail in their box of tricks!

When you are not sure about an email, share it with friends. 
Most of the time, scammers use for their email address, a well known name, mostly dead artists or colonel or poets... all kinds.... It sounds good.

Use Google to research their email address. It can be mentioned in forums by other artists, or be on a list of scammers. Of course this one was the name of an old actress, dead a long time ago... I found her photos but did not know her.

By the way, they wanted to put their claws in this painting:

Tough! you will have to go through FineArtSeen

We will get them !!!!



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