Monday, 28 November 2016


I am a great believer in recording, keeping references about the way I work.

How many times I have created a work, used such such colours, or found a trick or two to achieve a glow or a pleasing result only to forget a few months later how I had achieved it!

Frustrating eh?

For this reason I have a scrapbook. It is a real little gem of references.
I would advise all artists in watercolour to start one.

So from my scrapbook, I can now show you:

How paint behaves on different papers.

Notice how on Hot Press paper HP, the paint does not lay out of boundary.
It is reserved  more for an illustration or botanical work.
Notice too how Bockingford paper gives a bright result


As you can see I got different results with different paper.

If you wish to experiment with different papers but do not want to spend a fortune, try to team with artists to exchange small size samples of different used paper.
I always have some being cut from the side of my finished watercolours.

Coming back to my scrapbook, I strongly recommend creating one. 
It is great fun looking through it after years of findings.

Good luck with yours.


With left overs of paper: 

-create little greeting cards to send to your friends.
-Keep some for sampling your colours prior to lay on a painting
-Or be more savvy and recycle paper by creating your own watercolour paper!


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