Friday, 28 October 2016


Artists and Craft creators are once more targeted by scammers and thieves.

The new trend coming this time from China. Chinese  steal photos of Art for sale or craft for sale,
they open a shop (some on Amazon), post photos of the work
and put them for sale.

People think they are buying from legitimate artists but NO.
They loose their money as they will never receive the work!

The SOLUTION is for people to be aware.

Buy only from reputable sites and real artist's websites.

If buyers are in doubt, get in touch with the artist.

Since my posting:

One artist has found one of her work for sale on
I double checked the link.
Indeed, a print of a work was for sale by an individual who had opened a shop on Amazon.
I am terribly surprised to find out this person, had no profile.
We could not find out anything about him.
So why Amazon let people start selling if they are not double checked?

It is so bad for buyers and artists who are being robbed of their integrity.

I have contacted Amazon. It will be interesting to find if I receive an answer.

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