Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Original v Print?

I am probably biased to think everybody should own a little original work of Art.

When I was in my twenties, I do remember visiting a young couple who did not have much money to spend but were so proud to have a little original painting hanging on the walls of their front room.

They had acquired it in an auction room at a price they could afford.
They told me: Better have an original than several  prints.

How right they were! By now, their original has most probably gone up in price.

Being the daughter of an artist, I saw original paintings on our walls everyday.
Visiting friends or family, made me aware how lucky I was.

The print market of today has taken Art by storm.
There will always be the Limited Edition prints of Originals by artists.
Those are valuable. They can increase in value but not guarantied.
Some are expensive to buy, probably the same amount than some original.

I am not going to shoot myself in the foot as I sell Originals and Prints!

I recognise that good prints are a way to decorate a home.
I heard so many times people saying they were buying such or such picture as it was the same colour than their walls.

When they change the decor, the print probably ends up in a tip.

Acquisition of an original is much researched.
It has to be for life and with a bit of luck, later will end up with a profit.

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