Saturday, 29 October 2016

Friday, 28 October 2016

Spectacular on Folkestone harbour

Oil on Linen 91 cm x 59 cm

A few years back, I produced a watercolour of this scenery.
Although the family thought it was too good to let it go, I was really never happy with it.
I wanted a very large picture.
When I witnessed this sunset, late November, on a cold day, I was in awe
in front of its beauty.

At last I have achieved my dream.

It is now drying. I might put if for sale or wait for an exhibition? Who knows!


Artists and Craft creators are once more targeted by scammers and thieves.

The new trend coming this time from China. Chinese  steal photos of Art for sale or craft for sale,
they open a shop (some on Amazon), post photos of the work
and put them for sale.

People think they are buying from legitimate artists but NO.
They loose their money as they will never receive the work!

The SOLUTION is for people to be aware.

Buy only from reputable sites and real artist's websites.

If buyers are in doubt, get in touch with the artist.

Since my posting:

One artist has found one of her work for sale on
I double checked the link.
Indeed, a print of a work was for sale by an individual who had opened a shop on Amazon.
I am terribly surprised to find out this person, had no profile.
We could not find out anything about him.
So why Amazon let people start selling if they are not double checked?

It is so bad for buyers and artists who are being robbed of their integrity.

I have contacted Amazon. It will be interesting to find if I receive an answer.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Original v Print?

I am probably biased to think everybody should own a little original work of Art.

When I was in my twenties, I do remember visiting a young couple who did not have much money to spend but were so proud to have a little original painting hanging on the walls of their front room.

They had acquired it in an auction room at a price they could afford.
They told me: Better have an original than several  prints.

How right they were! By now, their original has most probably gone up in price.

Being the daughter of an artist, I saw original paintings on our walls everyday.
Visiting friends or family, made me aware how lucky I was.

The print market of today has taken Art by storm.
There will always be the Limited Edition prints of Originals by artists.
Those are valuable. They can increase in value but not guarantied.
Some are expensive to buy, probably the same amount than some original.

I am not going to shoot myself in the foot as I sell Originals and Prints!

I recognise that good prints are a way to decorate a home.
I heard so many times people saying they were buying such or such picture as it was the same colour than their walls.

When they change the decor, the print probably ends up in a tip.

Acquisition of an original is much researched.
It has to be for life and with a bit of luck, later will end up with a profit.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Zorba featured on Redbubble

My first Coloured pencils painting
has been featured on Redbubble
by the group
Cat's Pajamas & Dog's TuxedoThe Art Group for cat and dog lovers.


Monday, 17 October 2016

My latest watercolour "Winter in Tenterden"

I have truly enjoyed painting this watercolour.
I have visited Tenterden very often. It is not far from my home.
A very quaint town, a place for artists too.

I have previously done an Oil of this view.

Art Material Update

I am sure you would like to know about my experience with
a new supplier Cornelissen.

They are new for me! and what a great experience it was.
You can find all about it on my previous posting

Sunday, 16 October 2016

New Cushions/Pillows with luxury collection by Vida

A special offer by VIDA on all Vida products in my Boutique

Do not forget to use the Code RLNP-CG3F at check out.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Village Provence - New watercolour

Once in a while I get nostalgic, missing my beautiful France.

How much I would have loved to be able to do some beautiful shots of the place while I was going on holidays there
Digital cameras did not exist.
I had three young children and did not find much time to sketch and less again to paint.

I was exploring images of France when I stumbled on a beautiful photo I could purchase to use for a painting.

I would not do so very often as I like my own composition.
However, I could not resist to escape and paint this pretty little Village of Provence, under the sunshine, in the middle of the Alpes!

Thank you to the photographer.

Pure watercolour on Arches paper

Message from and many thanks to my followers!

A few weeks ago, I entered a painting into a competition on FineArtSeen

This morning, I have received this email:

Thank you for your submission to FineArtSeen Untitled Art Award.
We are delighted to inform you that you have been selected to enter the final round of judging for the prize.

In addition, we are pleased to invite you to exhibit with us at our first ever Spring/Summer Exhibition in London next year, where the winner and runners-up will be announced.....

So, a big thank you to all my supporters who voted for my painting!!!

Friday, 7 October 2016


It is always a treat for me when my work arrives the other side of the world without any delay and my customer is happy.

It is not the first time I send pictures to America. I have never had any problems.

Thank you to the lady who bought my cards on Etsy and left me such brilliant review!

Here is the Review:

These are amazingly lovely. They are much more beautiful than in the photo. The scenes draw you in and give you a sense of peace and balance. This very talented artist has captured the feeling of a more gentle world. You can almost smell the flowers and feel the road under your feet. They're a lovely place to wander to when you need to "get away" for a few minutes. I'm having them framed so I can enjoy them and at the same time share them with friends. These cards are worth every penny and I will be back to buy from Beatrice again.

Again a big thank you to the buyer!

Saturday, 1 October 2016


Obviously these designs are quality made from designers around the world!
I feel pretty smart to have been asked to create a shop on Vida.

The products are expensive but probably reserved to a special clientele ..

Below some of my added designs:

Click on the pictures to be taken to the present collection

As soon as possible, I will be working on more designs


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