Monday, 12 September 2016


Some artists are very lucky to be able to work Alla Prima (outdoors)

When I had my three young children, I could not possibly abandon them
to go and paint for hours. I had to adapt my work around my family.

When they grew up, I had more occasions to go out and sketch with watercolour.

Now I have family obligations and once more, I have to work entirely in my studio.

With flowers from my garden, I can paint still life installed in the studio.

I do like to escape though and paint landscape or seascape.

It is when I use my photos or sometimes a kind photographer allows me to use their photos.

(Respecting Copyright, I always ask for permission)

There always will be some artists who will scream at the idea to use a photo!
What a crime!!!!! Horror and damnation!

I really think this kind of reaction is totally stupid.
Why an artist who cannot go out would have to suffer and stop painting all together for the only reason, he should not use a photography as a reference.

The great Canaletto may have used a camera obscura for accuracy in creating some of his designs.

I could go through a long list of grand famous artists who have used a camera as a tool.

An artist who uses a photo towards the creation of a painting, should not make a faithful copy. It has to be an interpretation. 
Well this is my point of view anyway!

So below I am showing you a photo done when I visited Henley on Thames a few years back. It was Winter. I had the chance to do a few shots (with no time to paint as I was meeting with friends)

The other photo is the painting done from the shot.

I hope to have convinced you, there is no need to be put off to use a photo as reference for a good painting!

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