Friday, 23 September 2016

Which website builder?

Another question I am being asked again and again.

"Where did you build your website?"

I have had some very bad experiences with Website providers!

I will not put their names on this blog as I do not want to be prosecuted.

One, very well known for their adverts, seduced me into taking an account with them.
The scenario is such:

A good website for as little as : £ xxx

As soon as you have signed, your realise, as an artist, there is not much space to display photos of your work. So you have to upgrade to the higher price and trust me it is a HIGHER PRICE!

It did not stop there... more and more they were offering possibilities for improvements with added money.

I was getting worried about it.
One day, I could no longer access my site online. It was displaying on the screen, I was needing a password. My password was no longer working
My visitors had the same message. I received numerous emails from people trying to have access to my pages and could no longer do so.
Not very good when the same week, a magazine was giving me a feature!!!

I got in touch with the server who told me, they did not know what was happening, the system would be back online pretty soon.
Alas, a fortnight later, after multiple phone calls, nobody could help me.
I was finally sent to a call centre in the Philippines!!!
Nobody could understand what I was explaining and they did not care at all.

I had just renewed my yearly fees. I was gutted!

I went on Facebook, found their page, and read protests from their many clients who had the same problem as I had!!! Nobody got answers.
They were letting everybody down. Some lost their online business!

I asked for my money back. It took a while to get it but I did and left them.

The next Website provider was good price wise but the building of website was a total nightmare!

I did wonder if there was any being good.

At last I found Weebly!

A website where I could start by building a free one with as many photos as I wanted, as many pages, use of all the tools.
Superb website builder.
videos to help you.
Forum community where we can help one another.

It was free as long as I was using their address
So a website called : would be free.
You need to pay if you take a .com or
You then got a Pro account where you can build as many as 10 sites.

Very good if you have more than one business or need more space for your website.

I have been with Weebly for about 3 years now and am glad to be with them!

I would recommend it strongly. 

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