Tuesday, 13 September 2016


I have received numerous messages and emails from either artists who started in the 
World of Art or artists who were moving to UK.

-"Help! Can you advise me where to buy art materials online and which is the best?"

I am posting my answer here. Next time I get a request, I will be able to redirect my info to this page.
Note, I will not say who is the best. I like them all!

Just one thing: Look at the pricing. Some sites include VAT, some add it on the total.
It can make a difference when paying!

The very first Online distributor I ordered from is:


I can find about everything on their site!
Plenty of choice of colours with most make of paint, different sizes with tubes.

They supply all sorts of supports. From canvas to paper of all kind.
Brushes, studio equipment, and more.
If you do not find what you are searching for, their is a Search Box.

I like the fact they warn if the stock is low.
 If a product is out of stock, you cannot purchase it. Instead, you can ask to be notified when the stock is back.

They also have a blog where you can find out a lot of infos.
Some artists have demos of new products.
You get points you can redeem when you do a purchase.

My own experience: I have received once, a product different in specifications than on my order.
It was a large item. 
A carrier came to collect it to my door while I received the right product... promptly.
Great people.


I discovered this site when purchasing a mount cutter on Amazone!
It was Ken Bromley selling it.

I received it so promptly, I was so impressed, I ordered through them.

They have a lot of stock with quite often special offers.
They deliver promptly, very well packed.  Never had a mistake from them>

They also have a point system.
I love their Videos showing how a product works

Example: Have a look at this one... How to build an easel:

They are excellent!


I discovered this shop through adverts.

Quite a large stock.
They have incredible Great offers!
I have bought large box of Winsor Newton paints reduced to £26.00!!!
What a treat!

If you sign with them, you receive emails when the offers are available.

They also have a blog.
They have occasional competitions.

They have a Kid section. Great if you have children to entertain or teach.

Good delivery. Great service!


I was directed to this site by an artist when I was searching for Golden Acrylic.
They have been running since 1859. They know their stuff!!!

It is a speciality shop where you will find special paper, support and much more.

Example : 
Graphic Chemicals
Khadi flower & fibre rag paper... 
and much more...
Enough to make you want to discover new unknown products.

I receive perfect service!


I visited this shop about 20 years ago while visiting London.
It was like a huge warehouse. There were tonnes of art materials.

They have moved. They present themselves as UK largest Art  Materials Store.

We have been waiting for a VERY LONG TIME for their Website. No wonder, there is so much stock!!!

I have not ordered yet through them Online and so I cannot do any report.


I have just ordered from this shop. A very good experience!!!
I had heard about Cornelissen when I had seen years ago their adverts in Art magazine.
I never ordered from them as I could find everything on other sites.

However, there is a first for everything!
This time I was searching for Rice paper and others
I did stumble on their website.

They are suppliers of Materials for Painters, Gilders and Printmakers.

Very interesting site where I have discovered some items I did not know existed.

My very good experience was:
I ordered paper size A4
I received a message telling me they were sorry but did not have any more of A4.
However, to compensate, they could send me size A3 with no extra charge.

They have won my heart!
The delivery was also perfect. With added bonus to have a tracking number. I could click on it and was referred immediately to theUSP.
I will go back to them.


To conclude:
I have given you enough serious sites to browse.

I would advise you to compare prices between them and buy with the best offers of the day.

It is how I operate. We can make quite a bit of saving doing researches.
Art is expensive to produce!

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