Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The joy of Twitter!

If you are contemplating to open an account on Twitter, like any other sites, make sure you choose a strong secure Password.

Twitter, Facebook and other social sites are well known to be hacked.

When you arrive on the site, sign, protect your privacy. 
You might have some followers eager to be in touch with your postings.

Beware! Some come in all forms... 

  • Pretty naked girls offering their services. You can Block these followers.
  • I have quite a few young music groups Following me, only to discover later they Unfollow me once I Follow them
  • Same with artists. I always Follow back as I like to help artists around and repost their Tweets (Retweet)
  • Businesses who Follow me to attract my attention. I follow back and of course some Unfollow me.
So why do people who Follow - Unfollow.

I have understood the strategy!
People are trying to have More People that Follow them than they are Following themselves.

Imagine if a Rock group got 10.000 Followers while they are only Following 150 people,
It looks good!
Simple as that!!!

So today, I have done a good cleaning. I have found countless people who have Unfollow me after I Follow them and carried on Retweeted their Tweets!

One business did the wrong thing though.
It was a place that was covering the roof of conservatories.
I was following them back.

One day a friend was trying to find who could cover the roof of their conservatory. I thought I would find it among my followers. No! they had Unfollowed.

ah ah ah... they lost a business by Unfollowing! 

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