Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Stolen images - Fight back (For artists)

For artists, internet has opened endless possibility to exhibit their work online.

Unfortunately some images are stolen. Why and how?

  • People who try to convince others that your own work is theirs by posting your image on their blog or website.
  • People who hope your image size will allow them to print them and sell them.
  • Horrid scam websites who copy your images offering them as real painting for sale.
These latest websites close when their scams are found out, only to open again under another name. They make money on the back of artists and also on customers who never receive the painting or print!

So to all artists:

When you download a photo of your work, make sure when you save the photo, you give a proper name to the photo:
Example: "Sunset on the Bay" and not "Sun for website" or "Photo 23"

Once you download a photo with the title of your work, wherever this photo travels even if it is renamed, the real title will stick around the internet.

There is a powerful tool you can use to find out if photo of your work has been stolen.
You can use

Type the title of your work and find out where it appears on the Web.

Good luck. I sincerely hope you work has not been stolen.

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