Sunday, 18 September 2016


Since I have been  on Facebook, I have seen all kind of artists and comments.

Yesterday, I have been taken aback by a conversation started when a very good artist declared he did not want to be associated with Master class or Master groups etc...

His fans carried on with the same enthusiasm to destroy artists who had achieved and were carrying the title of Master or were working in Masterclasses.
He found it too pretentious and arrogant!!! and they were positively happy about it.

So what is the matter with people?

Hundreds of visitors went to see the head of a dead cow with flies buzzing around, created by Damien Hurst!
If they had seen the same dead head in their back garden, they would have called the police!
It was a stroke of genius by Hurst to attract people and make his name controversial. It also shows that people are ready to follow anything done by an artist.

The same applies with people who are ready to agree with an artist's comment whatever the implication on his piers, if they are fans of his work.
It was also a stroke of genius, attracting big pats on his back and acknowledgement to his own work.
He does not need it. He is known worldwide, giving classes and being featured in magazines.

Is there anybody out there who admire real art and acknowledge works that are executed impeccably and deserve recognition? Am I on the wrong planet?

A couple of years ago, after Curating Painters Academics and other grand Art shows on Redbubble, I explored Google, searching for Today Grand Masters in Art. 
I wanted to find who has achieved the ultimate within their trade.

I did not have much luck!

I have lived with a Master!
My father was one Master in Stained glass windows.
He worked jolly hard all his life and trained another artist who became a Master too, 
who himself trained several Masters.

The word Master comes with Mastering.
The mastering of a Trade: Fine Art.

Why have they got to be snarled at? Jealousy? lack of understanding? or simply lack of knowledge?

I have met many grand artists. I know the difference between shocking art, conceptual art, amateur art and Fine Art.

I wanted to create a site where I could display my findings.
And I have:

My aim is to find artists whose works represent the finest of art within their chosen medium or subjects or both.
I mix styles. The site is new. I hope to develop it further.
It will run until my dying days. Art is my passion, I respect all artists and would not attack them.

I did not ask to this artist. The reason being, I try to find unique work and style.
There are hundreds of artists who could be on this site but I have limited space.
I also run a yearly exhibition who takes a lot of my time.

By the way, it is Free, I run the site. Artists have not paid to be on show or be behind the name of GrandMaster. I have acknowledged and bowed in front of their magnificent works.

I am just showing a few works found on the site.

Master artist Gerard Dubois

Master artist Thierry Duval

Master artist Vincent Jeannerot

I invite you to visit the site.

You probably will understand the meaning of Master.

And to finish, you will not find my name in there, except in About and in the Exhibition.
Some people suggested that helpers tried to associate themselves to other artists to gain reputation.
I do not need reputation. I am almost 70 years old!

I am surrounded by many great artists who are so humble!
They also help each other, sharing their works.
They are Masters of kindness besides their mind blowing creations.

I thank you all for the happiness you bring to the World.

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