Tuesday, 27 September 2016

New products with VIDA

I have received a couple of emails by Vida, inviting me to use my designs
on their products.

I was not too sure about the invitation and was not prepared to loose my time downloading designs.
It is very laborious! the size and scanning have to be right.

However, their last email got me convinced.

So I have started with two simple products.

I think they both look stunning!

There are more products to come...

Friday, 23 September 2016

A watercolour for Sale!

For sale with FineArtSeen.com

Another Pure watercolour!

Which website builder?

Another question I am being asked again and again.

"Where did you build your website?"

I have had some very bad experiences with Website providers!

I will not put their names on this blog as I do not want to be prosecuted.

One, very well known for their adverts, seduced me into taking an account with them.
The scenario is such:

A good website for as little as : £ xxx

As soon as you have signed, your realise, as an artist, there is not much space to display photos of your work. So you have to upgrade to the higher price and trust me it is a HIGHER PRICE!

It did not stop there... more and more they were offering possibilities for improvements with added money.

I was getting worried about it.
One day, I could no longer access my site online. It was displaying on the screen, I was needing a password. My password was no longer working
My visitors had the same message. I received numerous emails from people trying to have access to my pages and could no longer do so.
Not very good when the same week, a magazine was giving me a feature!!!

I got in touch with the server who told me, they did not know what was happening, the system would be back online pretty soon.
Alas, a fortnight later, after multiple phone calls, nobody could help me.
I was finally sent to a call centre in the Philippines!!!
Nobody could understand what I was explaining and they did not care at all.

I had just renewed my yearly fees. I was gutted!

I went on Facebook, found their page, and read protests from their many clients who had the same problem as I had!!! Nobody got answers.
They were letting everybody down. Some lost their online business!

I asked for my money back. It took a while to get it but I did and left them.

The next Website provider was good price wise but the building of website was a total nightmare!

I did wonder if there was any being good.

At last I found Weebly!

A website where I could start by building a free one with as many photos as I wanted, as many pages, use of all the tools.
Superb website builder.
videos to help you.
Forum community where we can help one another.

It was free as long as I was using their address .weebly.com
So a website called : www.janesmith.weebly.com would be free.
You need to pay if you take a .com or co.uk
You then got a Pro account where you can build as many as 10 sites.

Very good if you have more than one business or need more space for your website.

I have been with Weebly for about 3 years now and am glad to be with them!

I would recommend it strongly. 

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

A sale in my shop on Etsy

Besides FineArtSeen.com where I sell my major works,
I have a small shop on Etsy where I am trying to sell
some of my watercolours.

Today I had a sale! It is now on its way to California!
Thank you to the buyer.

Sunday, 18 September 2016


Since I have been  on Facebook, I have seen all kind of artists and comments.

Yesterday, I have been taken aback by a conversation started when a very good artist declared he did not want to be associated with Master class or Master groups etc...

His fans carried on with the same enthusiasm to destroy artists who had achieved and were carrying the title of Master or were working in Masterclasses.
He found it too pretentious and arrogant!!! and they were positively happy about it.

So what is the matter with people?

Hundreds of visitors went to see the head of a dead cow with flies buzzing around, created by Damien Hurst!
If they had seen the same dead head in their back garden, they would have called the police!
It was a stroke of genius by Hurst to attract people and make his name controversial. It also shows that people are ready to follow anything done by an artist.

The same applies with people who are ready to agree with an artist's comment whatever the implication on his piers, if they are fans of his work.
It was also a stroke of genius, attracting big pats on his back and acknowledgement to his own work.
He does not need it. He is known worldwide, giving classes and being featured in magazines.

Is there anybody out there who admire real art and acknowledge works that are executed impeccably and deserve recognition? Am I on the wrong planet?

A couple of years ago, after Curating Painters Academics and other grand Art shows on Redbubble, I explored Google, searching for Today Grand Masters in Art. 
I wanted to find who has achieved the ultimate within their trade.

I did not have much luck!

I have lived with a Master!
My father was one Master in Stained glass windows.
He worked jolly hard all his life and trained another artist who became a Master too, 
who himself trained several Masters.

The word Master comes with Mastering.
The mastering of a Trade: Fine Art.

Why have they got to be snarled at? Jealousy? lack of understanding? or simply lack of knowledge?

I have met many grand artists. I know the difference between shocking art, conceptual art, amateur art and Fine Art.

I wanted to create a site where I could display my findings.
And I have:

My aim is to find artists whose works represent the finest of art within their chosen medium or subjects or both.
I mix styles. The site is new. I hope to develop it further.
It will run until my dying days. Art is my passion, I respect all artists and would not attack them.

I did not ask to this artist. The reason being, I try to find unique work and style.
There are hundreds of artists who could be on this site but I have limited space.
I also run a yearly exhibition who takes a lot of my time.

By the way, it is Free, I run the site. Artists have not paid to be on show or be behind the name of GrandMaster. I have acknowledged and bowed in front of their magnificent works.

I am just showing a few works found on the site.

Master artist Gerard Dubois

Master artist Thierry Duval

Master artist Vincent Jeannerot

I invite you to visit the site.

You probably will understand the meaning of Master.

And to finish, you will not find my name in there, except in About and in the Exhibition.
Some people suggested that helpers tried to associate themselves to other artists to gain reputation.
I do not need reputation. I am almost 70 years old!

I am surrounded by many great artists who are so humble!
They also help each other, sharing their works.
They are Masters of kindness besides their mind blowing creations.

I thank you all for the happiness you bring to the World.

Featured in Women Painters

I am a happy bunny, my painting "Le Treport" has been featured
 in Women Painters in Fine Art of America

"Le Treport"

Oil painting on canvas.

I used to visit Le Treport in France when I was a child.
My parents were going there on holidays.
I did love the atmosphere with happy people walking along the harbour.
the many little souvenir shops but mainly the sea, the boats, the busy fishermen sometimes coming back with their catch.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016


I have just been informed, some stupid idiots are sending emails under My Name.

They contain viruses. Please do not open...

If you receive this email, please send it to



I have received numerous messages and emails from either artists who started in the 
World of Art or artists who were moving to UK.

-"Help! Can you advise me where to buy art materials online and which is the best?"

I am posting my answer here. Next time I get a request, I will be able to redirect my info to this page.
Note, I will not say who is the best. I like them all!

Just one thing: Look at the pricing. Some sites include VAT, some add it on the total.
It can make a difference when paying!

The very first Online distributor I ordered from is:


I can find about everything on their site!
Plenty of choice of colours with most make of paint, different sizes with tubes.

They supply all sorts of supports. From canvas to paper of all kind.
Brushes, studio equipment, and more.
If you do not find what you are searching for, their is a Search Box.

I like the fact they warn if the stock is low.
 If a product is out of stock, you cannot purchase it. Instead, you can ask to be notified when the stock is back.

They also have a blog where you can find out a lot of infos.
Some artists have demos of new products.
You get points you can redeem when you do a purchase.

My own experience: I have received once, a product different in specifications than on my order.
It was a large item. 
A carrier came to collect it to my door while I received the right product... promptly.
Great people.


I discovered this site when purchasing a mount cutter on Amazone!
It was Ken Bromley selling it.

I received it so promptly, I was so impressed, I ordered through them.

They have a lot of stock with quite often special offers.
They deliver promptly, very well packed.  Never had a mistake from them>

They also have a point system.
I love their Videos showing how a product works

Example: Have a look at this one... How to build an easel:

They are excellent!


I discovered this shop through adverts.

Quite a large stock.
They have incredible Great offers!
I have bought large box of Winsor Newton paints reduced to £26.00!!!
What a treat!

If you sign with them, you receive emails when the offers are available.

They also have a blog.
They have occasional competitions.

They have a Kid section. Great if you have children to entertain or teach.

Good delivery. Great service!


I was directed to this site by an artist when I was searching for Golden Acrylic.
They have been running since 1859. They know their stuff!!!

It is a speciality shop where you will find special paper, support and much more.

Example : 
Graphic Chemicals
Khadi flower & fibre rag paper... 
and much more...
Enough to make you want to discover new unknown products.

I receive perfect service!


I visited this shop about 20 years ago while visiting London.
It was like a huge warehouse. There were tonnes of art materials.

They have moved. They present themselves as UK largest Art  Materials Store.

We have been waiting for a VERY LONG TIME for their Website. No wonder, there is so much stock!!!

I have not ordered yet through them Online and so I cannot do any report.


I have just ordered from this shop. A very good experience!!!
I had heard about Cornelissen when I had seen years ago their adverts in Art magazine.
I never ordered from them as I could find everything on other sites.

However, there is a first for everything!
This time I was searching for Rice paper and others
I did stumble on their website.

They are suppliers of Materials for Painters, Gilders and Printmakers.

Very interesting site where I have discovered some items I did not know existed.

My very good experience was:
I ordered paper size A4
I received a message telling me they were sorry but did not have any more of A4.
However, to compensate, they could send me size A3 with no extra charge.

They have won my heart!
The delivery was also perfect. With added bonus to have a tracking number. I could click on it and was referred immediately to theUSP.
I will go back to them.


To conclude:
I have given you enough serious sites to browse.

I would advise you to compare prices between them and buy with the best offers of the day.

It is how I operate. We can make quite a bit of saving doing researches.
Art is expensive to produce!

Monday, 12 September 2016


Some artists are very lucky to be able to work Alla Prima (outdoors)

When I had my three young children, I could not possibly abandon them
to go and paint for hours. I had to adapt my work around my family.

When they grew up, I had more occasions to go out and sketch with watercolour.

Now I have family obligations and once more, I have to work entirely in my studio.

With flowers from my garden, I can paint still life installed in the studio.

I do like to escape though and paint landscape or seascape.

It is when I use my photos or sometimes a kind photographer allows me to use their photos.

(Respecting Copyright, I always ask for permission)

There always will be some artists who will scream at the idea to use a photo!
What a crime!!!!! Horror and damnation!

I really think this kind of reaction is totally stupid.
Why an artist who cannot go out would have to suffer and stop painting all together for the only reason, he should not use a photography as a reference.

The great Canaletto may have used a camera obscura for accuracy in creating some of his designs.

I could go through a long list of grand famous artists who have used a camera as a tool.

An artist who uses a photo towards the creation of a painting, should not make a faithful copy. It has to be an interpretation. 
Well this is my point of view anyway!

So below I am showing you a photo done when I visited Henley on Thames a few years back. It was Winter. I had the chance to do a few shots (with no time to paint as I was meeting with friends)

The other photo is the painting done from the shot.

I hope to have convinced you, there is no need to be put off to use a photo as reference for a good painting!

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The joy of Twitter!

If you are contemplating to open an account on Twitter, like any other sites, make sure you choose a strong secure Password.

Twitter, Facebook and other social sites are well known to be hacked.

When you arrive on the site, sign, protect your privacy. 
You might have some followers eager to be in touch with your postings.

Beware! Some come in all forms... 

  • Pretty naked girls offering their services. You can Block these followers.
  • I have quite a few young music groups Following me, only to discover later they Unfollow me once I Follow them
  • Same with artists. I always Follow back as I like to help artists around and repost their Tweets (Retweet)
  • Businesses who Follow me to attract my attention. I follow back and of course some Unfollow me.
So why do people who Follow - Unfollow.

I have understood the strategy!
People are trying to have More People that Follow them than they are Following themselves.

Imagine if a Rock group got 10.000 Followers while they are only Following 150 people,
It looks good!
Simple as that!!!

So today, I have done a good cleaning. I have found countless people who have Unfollow me after I Follow them and carried on Retweeted their Tweets!

One business did the wrong thing though.
It was a place that was covering the roof of conservatories.
I was following them back.

One day a friend was trying to find who could cover the roof of their conservatory. I thought I would find it among my followers. No! they had Unfollowed.

ah ah ah... they lost a business by Unfollowing! 

Stolen images - Fight back (For artists)

For artists, internet has opened endless possibility to exhibit their work online.

Unfortunately some images are stolen. Why and how?

  • People who try to convince others that your own work is theirs by posting your image on their blog or website.
  • People who hope your image size will allow them to print them and sell them.
  • Horrid scam websites who copy your images offering them as real painting for sale.
These latest websites close when their scams are found out, only to open again under another name. They make money on the back of artists and also on customers who never receive the painting or print!

So to all artists:

When you download a photo of your work, make sure when you save the photo, you give a proper name to the photo:
Example: "Sunset on the Bay" and not "Sun for website" or "Photo 23"

Once you download a photo with the title of your work, wherever this photo travels even if it is renamed, the real title will stick around the internet.

There is a powerful tool you can use to find out if photo of your work has been stolen.
You can use

Type the title of your work and find out where it appears on the Web.

Good luck. I sincerely hope you work has not been stolen.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Church Road - Hythe Kent

There was a long time I had painted a corner of Hythe!

There is nothing like a bit of sunshine and warmth.
I got into the car and went around the old walls and the church.

I love this area so much. 


This watercolour will be added later on
in my shop on FineArtSeen



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