Friday, 12 August 2016


It is not easy for an artist to search and try to find a good easel and I should think more difficult again for a starter!

I have just changed my 25 years old easel. It was giving me a lot of aggravation.
These last few months, I constantly had to checked the level.
The screws had got loose, the three legs had also worn around the screws.

It took me a week to make the right decision.
Well it is right for me, might not be for anyone else.

My main search was for a Studio easel. Something firm, steady, not too high due to the height of the rooms.

I had fallen for one but could not get it as it was far too high. I would have had to make a hole in the ceiling!!!

When I do researches, I go to various sites where people leave comments and reviews.

I finally decided to get Hamilton easel from Winsor Newton.
It has great specifications.
I can tilt the middle section to use it as a support for watercolour or if I want to paint on a flat area.

It is also possible to slide the main component of the easel.
And so, I can paint very small paintings or I can paint being sat down.

It has arrived and I am delighted with it.
I will start working tomorrow!

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