Wednesday, 17 August 2016


I love challenges and I surely got one with this new medium.
I had always considered coloured pencils work as nothing more than drawing.... 
this is until I stumbled on incredible work of art and so I decided if
coloured pencils can look so good, I must give it a try.

For years I have missed Pastel painting (I no longer produce due to allergy)

After my two successful attempts (with the owners of the pictures being delighted)
I have started on another cat.
This one is a real challenge as the fur is tight and short.

I know I have a couple of people interested in finding out about drawing and coloured pencils and how to find information. One of the reason I am posting my findings!
I am no expert in this medium but there you go, I will try my best as a beginner.

I have acquired a few pencils:

Derwent and Faber Castell

I have read about Prismacolor  being the very best but they are very expensive!

However... I have found a set of 72 Prismacolor on Amazon for £38.80. reduced from a price of over £200.00

I could not miss this bargain.

I have made a little chart of my 3 different pencils work.

I find Derwent being Soft. I do not seem to be able to apply sharp lines with them
Faber Castell is a sharper pencil. No problem with sharp lines.
Prismacolor is a mixture of both. Soft and again with the possibility to apply sharper lines. There is an added bonus with Prismacolor, they are vibrant. The colour really appears within the first strokes.

(this is my own experiment. It does not mean that it is 100% valid. Other artists might handle them a different way)

Anyway Prismacolor arrived at the right time.

I am now working on my third Pencil work

I am going to try to finish this work with Prismacolor
It has already lifted the colours and the black is really easy to apply and showing beautifully.

To be followed!

I can direct you to a superb Coloured Pencil artist:

Visit her website and you will realise what can be achieved with this medium!

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