Thursday, 11 August 2016

Oil v Watercolour !!!

I cannot win!!!
A few days ago, I announced, due to my lack of space, I was going to abandon working on canvas and concentrate uniquely on Watercolour as the storage is minimal!

Oil takes a long time to dry.
Acrylic can be painted either on canvas or paper and so is Oil.

With Oil, I still have the problem of drying time.
My studio is small.

I received a couple of emails telling me I could not possibly abandon my canvas.
Surely there is a way to store them.
One of the emails was from a previous buyer of an Oil painting.

So... I have decided to use One room only to dry my works in Oil.
I am back on track.... Once more.

My 25 years old easel is now giving me a lot of aggravation.
I am waiting for a new one.
Watch this space!



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