Saturday, 20 August 2016

Being harassed by scammers

I am one of the many artists that are being harassed by scammers.

Like anyone else I receive phone calls from idiots who pose for Windows but now they are getting more personal as they are asking for Beatrice Cloake.

I get countless emails trying to lure me into links that would crash my computer.

Photos of smart guys asking me for marriage... and the list carries on and on

The latest is my email address being targeted.
I received a message by my server warning me my account was blocked due to several attempts to open it with wrong passwords.

Messages are also sent around on my behalf to people.
I was asked by one of them if I was alright! Meaning what?

So to you Scammers:
Frankly I got better things to do!
Get off my back and get real! 
Enough nastiness on this Earth.
Concentrate on doing good instead of Bad!
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