Thursday, 28 July 2016

National Acrylic Painters Association Annual exhibition, Chichester

The National Acrylic Painters Association (NAPA) 
is holding its annual exhibition 


Where three of my paintings will be exhibited.


Selling our paintings online and finding a very good serious site, is a very difficult choice.

I have been tasting a few and at last I have found FINEARTSEEN.COM

This is a site I fully recommend as it has great advantages for artists and buyers.
Neither of them pay for the postage.
The work is sold all over the world, taken care by FineArtSeen themselves.
It leaves me with the pleasure of painting without to have to spend time organising for my painting travelling over the world.

This month I have had the great pleasure to be interviewed!
I thank the site for giving me such honour. 



Being always on the search for a different mediums I have found Coloured Pencils.

I had seen the work by brilliant artists and wanted to know if the medium was really exciting to work with.
So after acquiring a few Derwent and FaberCastel pencils, I have produced two drawings so far.
I intend to carry on. It is Odour free, not messy. I can stop and go back on it whenever I want.

So here are my results:


Where to start when I have already written my news on another blog.
I am trying to catch up a few updates before posting more important latest news.

- I have created a lot more paintings.
- This year I had exciting news with selling a lot of products from Redbubble and FineArt of America.
- Three of my paintings have been accepted for NAPA 2016 show
- One of my painting with in the ISAP show (America)
- I have received an Interview from FineArtSeen
- I have started painting with Coloured pencils

And I am sure I forget some...

Wednesday, 27 July 2016


 I have received a couple of messages from this blog wondering why I had abandoned it.

I did not. I have put a message explaining I was carrying on with another blog address.

However, I am under the impression they liked to be on this one.
So I am deleting one of them and come back posting here.
I also have a newsletter on my website:

Cocker spaniel portrait in Coloured pencils

  I do love creating portraits, either human beings or animals. Finley was happy to pose to be captured for this portrait... Coloured pencil...