Wednesday, 9 December 2015


There is a serious problem in this country.
If parcels are not sent recorded delivery, there is always the chance that someone
somewhere will decide to take it for themselves!

Imagine being an artist, designing, painting, ordering their Christmas cards that will be sent to customers and family, only to find out that it will never arrive, even if the parcel was traced as Delivered on the 28th November!

Someone got MY cards. 30 of them!

So have a look at what I have lost. If you receive this card, the sender has not paid for it.

If you are a shopkeeper and are offered these cards for sale, they have been stolen.
Out of the 30, I should somehow find out what happened to them.

On the back of the card is written:

"Merry Christmas in Chilham, Kent"

Now for those who think that artists make lots of money, you are very mistaken!
We MAKE LOT of paintings, designs but are not earning gold sovereigns.

For each design, we get a commission on what is produced.

For each painting sold online, a commission is taken by the site.
We are paying taxes.

There are more people living on the back of artists than artists themselves.
So, it makes me very angry when our work is stolen.

For the record, I will not have my Christmas cards to send. It is too late to produce another batch.
I have bought some from Sainsbury!
Next year, I will print them myself!

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