Friday, 6 November 2015

The Art of composing

Being an artist does not necessarily means to find a setting and paint in front of it!

Many times we have to simply invent a mood or a total scenery.

For example, in the middle of Winter, I love painting my roses. So, with the so many references I keep of all my flowers, I take one here, another there and compose a bouquet with the addition of one of my objects and voila... a Still life is born!

Just now, I wanted to compose a snow scenery.
I did scratch my head about which one!

Until I arrived to the decision to paint my favourite place: Dungeness.

I have written an article about Dungeness for the Magazine Hythe and Romney Marsh now called the Cinques Port

Snow is very very rare in Dungeness as it is right by the sea. 
It is what is the most challenging thing to paint an atmospheric sky that I do not see.
Just have to invent it, with the colours.
In addition, the snow takes the colours of the sky.
It is as I was going along that my imagination took over.
I could imagine the little shacks switching their lights etc etc...

So here is the result

Winter on Dungeness

Watercolour on Arches Paper
Winsor Newton Fine art paint

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