Monday, 23 November 2015


It was around 10 years ago when I started to use Internet for my Art.

I did find a site in UK for artists: Painters Online where my work was downloaded and with a bonus to be on an Art Forum

Much later, I did find a site called Redbubble where I could exhibit my work and sell prints.

In both sites, I did find an incredible amount of artists with whom I have made friends

Now we have Facebook where most artists I already know are posting there and where I have found new friends too!

Friendship can be well established through the internet.

Here are two lovely artists who had come to view my exhibition 5 years ago

Jeannette Harrison and Alan Stevens. 

We had never met before but had made friends through Painters Online.
Another artist came along too, Alan Knight.
 Just to show how Art brings people together... 

Through Redbubble I met people from around the world!

I have been in touch with so many, all generous, good hearted and so talented!

This wonderful lady is well known artist in Pastel, Lynda Robinson from Australia, met on Redbubble.

She came to England and made a great detour to come to see me!
What a great time we had!

Unfortunately, I cannot name all artists who contact me on an everyday basis.. Each of them are precious to me. We have the same spirit. We like to share our work, our knowledge.
We are so happy just doing Art!

I receive phone calls from America, I Skype with some of them... plenty of emails of course!
Who said our artistic lives were boring?

Today, I have an extra pleasure. My week has started pretty well!!!

On Facebook,  the great artist Hidemi Tada from Japan
has made me the incredible honour to do my portrait!
I was very surprised when I saw the painting first thing this morning!

Hidemi Tada, I am terribly moved by your generosity. I feel so humble.

Thank you so very much does not seem enough to express how I feel!

I wish people of the World could stop, think and turn to creation.
It has not got to be Art, it could be craft, anything constructive that takes the mind away from worries, illness and lately horrors created by human beings.

A wonderful world where people start sharing and appreciate one another instead of mocking, criticising, bullying and hurting.

A world of love for our craft and others.

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