Sunday, 25 October 2015

Today the world of Art is mourning

Yes, the World of Art is mourning.

It is MY world of Art, the one where artists produce astonishing masterpieces either in 
Oil, Watercolour, Acrylic or Pastel.
The ones that shine with beauty. 

In these last few years, the world of Internet has brought closer artists of all kind. At once we can recognize those who are the genius and today we are all of us mourning the death of

Paul Dmoch

Paul was a genius of Watercolour that has never achieved an international recognition.
 He did deserve it though!

Personally, I had got in touch with him when I started building the site:

I discovered a very humble artist whose pleasure in life was to capture the light falling through windows in the interiors.

I am sharing with you an extract of one of our conversations

I share your passion and delight Beatrice. Stained glass windows , light coming across makes reality unreal and pass us in the fairy tale land ... That illumination has always taken my breath away . I always try to write something concerning 'moments' OF illumination when I Paint that. I do not believe in inspiration - Being an artist is not a choice it does not belong to our will - it is more something as a state of mind .. I can feel that even if I watch only but I don't paint

Paul had a lovely sense of humour too and was a very friendly approachable person.

I know by the many tributes arriving on Facebook, he will be terribly missed by so many of us!

Rest in Peace Paul.
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