Tuesday, 6 October 2015

SERIOUS WARNING - Wallpart.com/Poster

A friend sent me an email warning me photos of my paintings had been stolen and found on a site called Wallpart.com

I beg you not to try to search the site or even write their address in your URL!
When I opened it, I was sent to a page called POSTER

I did search for my paintings and yes there were quite a few! They were offering them as print 6"x 4" which I thought was a joke as it is the size of a post card.
All was in $, the postage claiming from China $9.00

I deducted they were trying to trick the public into buying a print that they would never receive. It happens all the time.

However, something more suspicious appeared, they were posting this picture of mine:

I thought how silly  to offer this as a print!

I posted my discovery on Facebook. Quickly I got warning from some other artists.

The site of course is not genuine. They trick you into offering the possibility to fill a form, if you have found work that belong to you and should not be on the site.

So, if you do... they get your name, address, phone number, email address etc etc...

They make money: Selling your details + the money taken from people buying prints that are not! and their credit cards etc etc...

It was also found that the site has been running from several IP, one from Russia, Ukraine, and more.
I understand they close their IP and find  new ones...

A person who has been doing consumer advocacy work and signed  many petitions, was worried even about the petition running to close the site. The comment was: The Wallpart petition was probably well intended  (or written to LOOK like it was) but is questionable!

On my side I am disappointed about my antivirus that was pointing the site as being safe!!!!!!

Making more research I also was told they take all the photo from search engines.

My advice to consumers:

Buy prints on reputable site. Mine are sold through FINEARTAMERICA.COM and FINEARTENGLAND.COM (a subsidiary) also a few more are found on REDBUBBLE.COM

-In the doubt, ask to artists how to buy their prints.

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