Monday, 28 September 2015


I am always on the look out of those artists (or so called artists) who copy other artists's work!

It has happened to me right at the beginning of me showing my watercolours.
One day, I was passing in front of a gallery when I saw the faithful reproduction of a watercolour done in Lenham. Even with the little bicycle I had added...
A few months previously I had sold a few cards of this little scenery. Someone must have bought one of them and copied the work!

I was not very happy. I did not make a fuss not knowing where to start.

I am a lot sharper these days. To start with I am a member of the Designers and Artists Copyright Society (DACS)
Anybody trying to copy my work will be in trouble!

I have been around Art exhibitions where I have acknowledged beautiful works or designs by artists (some amateurs) only to find out a few months later while looking through books that some actual works in the exhibition had been copied.! 
How can they call themselves artists and have the nerve to sell works that one day will be found out as being another artist's creation?

I have curated many shows online. I run 3 groups on Redbubble and 1 on Fine Art America. For this reason, I encounter many posting of artists new creations. They are all of them fine art.

I have a sharp eye and the memory of an elephant. I can see a painting and know exactly who has painted it.


By an extraordinary turn of events, this week-end I have caught one in my nets!

I sell my work on . I have been there for one year and so they kindly sent me a token of £50.00 to spend on their site.

I thought it could be a nice present for the family at Christmas... a nice little watercolour different of my style. So I perused. I could not find any that would match what I would want and so I went to have a look into the Sale section where some artists discount their artwork (Not me by the way...)

In that section I found this painting

It was on offer reduced from £876.00 to £219.00

Oh I thought I had found one of my friend's work.. but it was not my friend's name at all!

I took a good look and went on the page of my friend, (I will give her the name X). There was her painting with this cowboy in the same position, hand over the door, a slight difference with the doors and back ground otherwise the cowboy is a faithful copy by (artist Y)

I must say that artist X has a finer and better style of work than artist Y!

I quickly informed artist X who is now taking procedure.

The same painting was for sale on Saatchi and prints were available on FineArt of America and other sites!!!

If by accident you find your work being stolen, before taking any action, make a screen shot of the work and the site. It is a proof that you must keep.
I have kept that proof with the name and photo of artist Y on


For windows, you open your programs where you should find Accessories.

In Accessories you should find  SNIPPING TOOL

(On windows 8 you will find it in your Apps. You can save time by typing Snipping tool into the Search area)

Click on it.
It should look like this (photo not too good)

Click NEW, your screen will freeze to let you drag the cursor on the part you want to save.
Save into your pictures.

If this tool is not installed on your tool bar, it would be a good idea to add it.

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