Monday, 14 September 2015

Thank you - Merci André Guerville - Pierre Pasquier

A few months back, I tried to work on an idea!
Nothing new to me as I always need to create one way or another.

I knew this  project of mine would be more time consuming with great challenges.

I wanted to build a site about my father's work.
He has been dead for 45 years now.
At the time, there was no internet or digital work to keep record of all the many stained glass windows he had created.

While searching the internet, I came across some of his work being classified as
"Patrimoine de Picardie"
Wow! My Dad was acknowledged for all his masterpieces!
There, I found a few stained glass windows.

I started my site with links but it had no real punch. My aim was for my family to find out about their grandfather and great grandfather Pierre Pasquier.

It took a few weeks before I decided to contact the website asking if I could use the photos for the site.

I was greeted by a wonderful gentleman who has since, given to me a huge amount of informations with a big portfolio of photos.

André Guerville is historian, writer, with a passion for Picardie and its history.

I cannot thank enough André for the time spent while sending me all the photos.

On my side, it has been an emotional time, rediscovering the work of my father and among many of them, I have found some executed before my birth or when I was too young to know their value.

So, let me take you to the site of my father Pierre Pasquier and the site of André Guerville.

I only know one way to say thank you.
It is to offer one of my painting.

I have offered to André Guerville and his wife a watercolour.
I have heard they both like it very much.
Thank you!!!

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