Sunday, 20 September 2015

Ideas For Artists who want to abandon Acrylics

So, you have wanted to start working with Acrylics but after a few attempts you have decided it was not a medium for you.

Well, there is not such a thing as a medium that does not work for an artist.

Each medium takes time to get the hang of it. I know as I have painted in Acrylic, Oil, Pastel and Watercolour.

Each of them demands a different approach.

So for Acrylics: To start with now we have different kind of Acrylics:

I, myself work with Golden heavy Acrylic. They are soft but dry pretty quickly.
A retarding medium can be added to the palette and is useful for working on skies.
It is my favourite way to work. I love added layers after layers, glazing with different shades and colours to achieve incredible results, not possible with Oil or Watercolour.

Atelier interactive are open Acrylic. It means they do not dry quickly. They are behaving more like Oil. However it will be difficult to achieve glazing as the Acrylic can be open again by adding water! However a fast drying medium can be added to the palette.

Another Acrylic made by Winsor and Newton is Fine Art artist Acrylic, they now have a slower drying time.

Below is a painting done with those Acrylics. You can see I have been playing with glazes on the trunk of the tree.



Galeria is an acrylic produced by Winsor Newton.
I did use it a lot until Fine Art artist Acrylic appeared on the market

Below is a very large painting 30"x20" done with Galeria.
20 years later it is still looking as good as day one.

On the nest.

All these explanations are from my own experience


Artist Lorena Kloosterboer has produced a fantastic book 320 pages all about Acrylics and the technique. I strongly recommend it!!!
I never recommend a book without having a good look through it.
I can assure you, there is none like this one on the market.

Can be found on Amazon

So if after trying again and again, you want to abandon acrylic, please do not give them away or dispose of them.

It is a medium you can use for fun or craft!!!

Oh yes! I have more than once, covered glass jar with colours that I wanted to use in my still life.

I also have experimented for fun on empty plastic boxes.

Would you believe this is from an empty box of Nivea cream!!!

This one was an empty box of powder.
I painted the base in Gold
The top, I painted in black, created a design.
I wanted to incorporate some fine beads I had in a box for a very long time.
I think it looks a bit like Indian art!


Obviously, Acrylic does not stick to glass or plastic so, it needs to be prepared.
I rub gently the surface with fine glass paper.
I cover the surface with PVA glue.
Leave it to dry.
I usually work with the paint the following day.

Once it is finished, I apply a coat of varnish.


Another idea:

Again, after applying PVA glue on a glass jar, the next day, I applied Gesso. On the second coating of Gesso, I stuck mung beans while still wet.

The next day I coloured it.

It made a pretty little unusual pot. It was snatched by one of my friend!


So good luck and do not give away your Acrylics 


Lorena said...

Thank you so much Beatrice, for endorsing my book!!! Very much appreciated!!!

Norah said...

Wonderful hints and tips Beatrice, I love your jars - they would sell sell sell but I am sure the time you put in to making them would not be valued in the price you could charge ? I have taken my acrylics back down from on top of the wardrobe ! Thank you lots for your encouragement and kindness x

Beatrice Cloake said...

Lorena, thank you for your kind comment. You know how enthusiastic I am about your fantastic book!!!

Norah, you have made my day. I do hope you will find a way to love Acrylic and its endless possibilities ... You might have to change the type of Acrylics if yours do not behave the way you want.