Thursday, 24 September 2015 a website that has nothing to do with Artist Beatrice Cloake

I have been on the web for a few years now and know full well how hackers and scammers operate

My first website was
It was with Yahoo.
They did not tell me when my domain was going to expire and so, within seconds of not being renewed by myself, it was bought by some smart aleck who thought he could sell it to me.... of course at a higher price he had paid.
I ignored him and so within a few weeks, another idiot who probably had bought it from him, offered me to get my domain name for 3 times the price.

Well some enterprising Japanese man bought it and opened a website under my name with my CV plastered on the front page. 
I did find out who he was and where he was living and advertised on the web what he was up to.
He removed my CV and decided to use the site, still under my domain name, to sell hair remover.
Frankly I was laughing quite a bit!

I ignored all of them and took  with another server.
Same thing happened to me. I could not renew my domain name.

So I abandoned the lot. I was advised that there could be more than a Beatrice Cloake in the world.
I took my new and final domain name:

A proper name for an artist!

So if you stumble on 

I do not suggest that is run by a rogue!
It might be a genuine other Beatrice Cloake
However I have found the name of the person who bought the domain.
It is a man under another name.

Finally, up to date End 2016 - I have regained my first domaine name
And now it is a genuine site run by myself.

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