Thursday, 19 February 2015


"For a song"
Golden Acrylic on paper Saunders Waterford
My first Acrylic painting in 5 years! wow!!!

For those who follow me, you will know that more than 5 years ago I developed an adverse reaction to some mediums:

- Pastel: I can no longer even open a tin of pastel. My lips, eyelids swell and I start coughing.
- Oil: I cannot be in a room with the fumes of Oil painting or turpentine. My lungs start to burn.
Acrylic : same problem than with Oil but what is disturbing is the fact it only started when some make of Acrylic decided to change their product to let Acrylic dry a longer time to behave like Oil.

After months of battling and years of Watercolour (the alone Medium I do not react)
I was desperate to paint as I used to!

  1.      I forgot all about Pastel. There is no point to persevere since there is no substitute.              
  2. I have tried Artisan Oil. from Winsor Newton I still did suffer with it but realised that it was all about the  added medium I was using (stand Oil) that is used to slow down the drying time and permits to achieve details while painting fine work. So I can now carry on with Artisan Oil but being very careful to use Stand Oil with open windows.
My major problem was the fact I could no longer paint with Acrylic! I absolutely adore the medium for its versatility. I could paint either on canvas, traditional work or play about on paper and experiment with added texture. Great fun!

As a member of the National Acrylic Painters Association my biggest frustration was I could no longer exhibit with the members. No work created, no paintings to exhibit.

Until... I explained my predicament to its Director who mentioned I could give a try to     Golden Acrylic  

I am so glad I did. I have no reaction to these wonderful Acrylics. 
Their colours are vibrant, they are of high quality.
Today, I have finished this first painting done on Paper.
I have started a large canvas too!

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