Sunday, 22 February 2015


I am always nervous when I receive a commission from my website.
The questions that come to my mind are:

Is it a genuine request?
Who is the person asking?

Unfortunately artists receive a lot of scams. I have had a few. Somehow I have always felt there was something not quite right the way the message was worded.

I would like to warn my fellow artists and give them a link for them to read:

Usually, when I feel that the message is genuine but would like to know more about the customer, obviously I ask how they heard of me, where do they live and more questions.

I then, give my address and phone number. We can talk or exchange emails until we come to an agreement with the work and payment.

When I feel something is not quite right, I direct the person to my prints that can be bought on sites where I do not deal with payment.

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