Thursday, 25 April 2013

Sale on Fine Art of America

FINE ART OF AMERICA has sold a canvas print of this painting.
A big thank you to the buyer from Connecticut


Please note too that my shops with originals are back online..

Saturday, 20 April 2013

By St Leonards Hythe Kent


How not to fall in love with this corner of Hythe, on the top of the hill.
I have been there so many times!

Find out more about our very beautiful old church ST LEONARDS

Monday, 15 April 2013

My studio April 2013

Brilliant I am once more able to download pictures from my computer. Blogspot I come back posting here!

So my readers have missed a lot!
You might remember because an allergy I could not possibly carry on working with Acrylic and Oil.
It lasted 4 years. I then turned to watercolour.
These last few months I have discovered that all allergy to fumes, perfums, sprays etc... has gone. Once more I can enjoy having flowers in my front room etc...

So, I decided to try Oil and Acrylic. It works.

I have reorganised my studio : As you can see I am not abandoning watercolour (a real passion)!
I have divided my work place in two. One canvas on the go (in Oil) and a watercolour.

Coloured Pencils v Watercolour ?

Now here are two different versions of Benjamin. The first one is done with Coloured Pencils on Mount Board The one below with Wat...