Wednesday, 31 December 2008


The last post of the year !

It has been a very busy time this Christmas and until next week-end my house is busy with the family coming in and out.

Not the best time for serious creation. Instead I have been playing with texture and watercolour.

Five minutes here and there and presto I got a great pleasure out of this little painting.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008


Last October when the weather was at its best I revisited Dungeness, not far from my home town.
Not much to paint you might say, but oh yes, plenty.... among the subjects : The light houses, old and new, Prospect cottage that belonged to Derek Jarman and more.
The atmosphere of the place, the wilderness, the last stop of the smallest train in UK, there is nothing like it even the ugly power station is almost forgotten.
I have created a series of paintings with lots more to come, you can have a look at :
all in watercolour of course !

Monday, 22 December 2008


It has been a challenging year for me.
I have said good bye to my work on canvas in Acrylic and Oil for over 27 years.

Plenty of work accomplish when I was younger and that you can view at :

My decision to turn to watercolour for good has not been easy. I have worked with this medium for years, just to play or to try colours before to execute a canvas.

It just happens that it appeals to me so much that now I cannot let it go !

I am exploring the medium in all kind of forms and I am sure that in the next few months my life in Art will be enriched and exciting.
I am displayint today my last two still lives.


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