Saturday, 3 August 2019

Painting a dog in Acrylic

I have been very happy to paint this little dog in Acrylic.
A commission that went very well

Thursday, 18 April 2019

This Year First completed new painting!

After spending One month and a Half, curating the Online Exhibition
of the Grandmasters of Fine Art,
I have a t last been able to finish this large Acrylic painting:

"Escapism" - Acrylic on box canvas - 24" x 20"


Just like last year, I have had the great honour to curate the grand show
by the Contemporary Grandmasters of Fine Art

It is an Online Exhibition that has been described as the finest show on the Internet!

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Old Annecy - France

Phew, celebrations of end of year are over!
I have lost quite a lot of time, searching for presents, getting organised etc...

At last I am returning to paint brushes.

I have created my first watercolour of the year 2019

                                                                 Old Annecy - France
                                                           Watercolour on Millford paper

                                              Millford paper is produced by St Cuberths Mill

It is their latest paper.
It has a much lovely texture, very smooth, white.
Like every new paper I am testing, I had to adapt to it though.

I have found that wet in wet was slightly different with results than other paper.
The paint that did not have enough water ended up with hard sharp lines.
So I had to watch it!

Otherwise, a very good paper.

Friday, 16 November 2018

THOMAS, Oil on canvas

Oil on canvas 
My latest portrait.


I have received this message on my website....
So nice to have my work acknowledged but... I would prefer to be paid than to pay them.

I am pretty sure this mail is genuine. A few years ago I received a similar one from Vogue.

However, with all the scams we encounter on the web, I still would be extremely careful if I had wanted to proceed with this offer.

As you have guessed... Thank you but No thank you!

Hi Beatrice,

I hope this finds you well and you've had a great start to the week! I really love your art portfolio. 

I am getting in touch regarding an exciting art advertorial showcase I am working on within House & Garden magazine for our Premium Winter/New Year Campaign including our much sought after January, February and March issues. Entitled ‘The Art Edit’, this advertorial will focus on unique and captivating artwork to inspire our readers. House & Garden combines the best houses and gardens from around the world with an eclectic mix of features that influence the way we live today. It is an invaluable sourcebook of what’s new in interiors and what no interior design project should be without! I came across your artwork online and I think that it would hugely appeal to our 451,000 affluent readers, who look to House & Garden for unique masterpieces to add a touch of novelty to their homes. 

After discovering your fantastic website, I would love to have a chat about your artwork. Could we perhaps schedule a call to discuss this further? Please do let me know a convenient time or, if it is easier, I can send across further information via email, including rates and deadlines. With space available from as little as £295+VAT per issue, it is such a fantastic time to be involved with House & Garden!

So you are aware, space is extremely limited within this campaign and we are expecting it to fill within the next few days, however, we do have longer to work on artwork together.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Painting a dog in Acrylic

I have been very happy to paint this little dog in Acrylic. A commission that went very well