Friday, 7 July 2017

A NEW WATERCOLOUR "Sweet dreams Lucy"

Just as well I have watercolour in my life!
At the moment, the heat is getting to me. I cannot imagine painting in Oil when I can barely breath!

Less again with Acrylic when it is drying so fast, even watercolour is drying at an unusual speed!

So here is my latest watercolour

"Sweet dreams Lucy"
Watercolour on Saunders Waterford paper
Paint: Winsor Newton
Brushes: Watercolour brushes Ken Bromley


Tuesday, 4 July 2017


I have been informed by FineArtAmerica of the sale of a print
of my work Bay of Hythe on Fire.

Whoever bought this work, has made my day!
​Thank you so  very much!!!

Monday, 26 June 2017

Time for decisions!

Today I have started on a major project!
I have a few paintings that do not meet my expectations.

I want sunshine, light, fun, something that elates me when I look at my work.
Well some of them do no longer sing a song.
So, from today, I am taking each of my work, examine it, decides if I love it as much as on the first day. If it does not, it means there is something to be changed.
It will be changed!!!
Today, I have started with a large canvas. St Margaret's Bay in Kent near Dover

Below is the painting as it was, in Acrylic ...

This painting was for sale. The more I looked at it, the less I felt for it.

It had to be the first work to be redone!
I am now working in Oil over Acrylic.
Many artists do so and even work with both mediums.

So here is the work so far...

At first sight, the light has been switched on!
I have worked on the sky, the sea (not finished)
The cliffs. They have suffered from erosion since my first painting and I took advantage of the bright chalk to boost the brightness.
More to come....
Visit again to see my next WIP.

I am working with Artisan Oil Winsor Newton


Monday, 29 May 2017


I am not gifted with doing videos!
I hate to have to spend time trying to understand technology. I would much prefer someone does it for me.

So I am using photos to explain how I produce a portrait in watercolour.
Actually, some people told me, it was easier to follow.

So here is the explanation:

My first photo is showing the drawing and the first touch of Watercolour.
The grandmother of this little boy is a professional photographer.
She provided several shots. I decided on which one I would be happy to work with.

This photo is not brilliant! It will do.
I transferred the drawing, using the grid method.
It is exact within the dimensions.
I have added some masking fluid on some part of the hair.
I am working on Arches paper 140lb.
I am using Winsor Newton Fine Art Artist watercolour paint.
My first layer is a mixture of Raw Sienna + Permanent Rose.


I am now working on the ear and try to add the edge of the cap between the hair.
I have added shadow on the neck.
At this stage, I am trying to establish light, shadows, colour.

Shadows are produced with:
Raw Sienna + Permanent Rose + a dash of Cobalt


Still searching to establish and position the shadows.
It is a shadow that will shape either the nose, the eyes etc...
I have started on the cap in view to find the balance between the colours of the entire painting.

The cap so far: Cerulean Blue + Cobalt Blue.


Working on the cap: Same blues + Permanent Rose for the shadow.
The front of the cap: Aureolin + Cobalt. Sha

The hair: Aureolin + Permanent rose. Later I will add shadows by adding a touch of ultramarine to Permanent Rose + Raw Sienna.


Now several layers of the skin colour has been added.
I add gentle tones with shadow colours mentioned earlier.


This is the finished painting.


Saturday, 6 May 2017

How did I draw this cat "Sophia" with Coloured Pencils?

I received a fine photo from the owner of Sophia.

I do not like to rush when I have to paint or draw. I need to study a portrait and decide how I am going to interpret it.
I had already painted 2 of her cats and so I was acquainted with cat portrait.

I decided to use once more the same paper Stonehenge. It has a very slight tooth, almost unnoticeable, but perceived when I lay the pencil work. In a way it is not a problem with the fur as it adds a bit of pattern. (this is my view)

So, I started to use the grid method to transfer the drawing.
For this, I am very careful to drew the line very faintly as I will have to remove them once the drawing is finished.

Then I drew the cat.

As I am right handed I started on the left, to carry on later on the right.

I love to take my time and this work took 2 hours. I wanted to achieve the first eye.
This photo was done late afternoon. The reason why I have a blue background on the photo

This next session took me another 2 hours.
I have used pencils: Derwent and  Prismacolour

Derwent pencils are either soft or hard, according to the colours (this is my find!)
Prismacolour pencils are soft. They are great to achieve the softness of the fur.

At this stage, I had already lost count of the hours spent on the face.
It was time to add some strokes. I was not really happy with the pencils I was using.
I remembered I had a few Faber Castell  Albrecht Durer pencils.
They were perfect to give the strokes.


It was now time to add some of her body. It took a while as I had to find the right direction of her fur. 
I automatically, went back on the features of the face. I found a few slight mistakes and would not be happy if they were not corrected.


Here is the final painting.
It will be sent under secure packaging to Danemark.

To conclude, I think I have developed a great love for Coloured pencils and cannot wait to find another subject to paint with this medium..

Here are a few links that you might find of interest

Like all Art medium, Artist coloured pencils are expensive to buy.

I would suggest to buy them separately, choosing colours that you already use in your palette.
Like myself, you might be painting in watercolour or other mediums. You know which colour you love best. Same with pencils.

However if you wish to buy a set, wait for special offers... 

You can find the reaction of the owner on my Facebook page


Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Saatchi and I

Around 14 years ago, I decided to have broadband. It was the beginning of an adventure.
I was with Yahoo who was giving a little space for a website.
When I see how beautiful are today's sites, I am surprised that mine had caught the eyes of the Saatchi team.

But it was the beginning of people building a website and there were not many artists at all.
I had taken the domain name, the famous domain I had lost to a Japanese who used it later to sell hair remover, under my name with my CV on the front page.
It did not take long before he realised there was no future in it and once more my domain name came back to me..

So coming back to the first basic site, one day I received an email by the Saatchi team asking me to join their new site Saatchiart. 
They were giving artists the possibility to show some of their works for free.
Wow! After making a few researches I signed and added some of my paintings.

A few weeks later I received an email by Charles Saatchi thanking me for adding my beautiful work on the site.
I thought it had to be a scam, binned it but found out later it was not.

I also received an email from one person of his team. A lady telling me she loved my paintings, particularly the one of Venice.

Saatchi decided much later to give artists the chance to sell their work without claiming a commission.

These days has been sold in 2014 to Society 6.
I read that they are in dispute with Saatchi for carrying on their business under his name.
Apparently, he dislikes his name being associated with bad art.

Searching the site, It was not difficult to find among good art, some scribbles done probably by a child, for sale at high price.. a real laugh!

Personal thoughts will come in the next post.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Another Print sold On fine art of America - A LANE IN RYE

Thank you so much to the buyer of a print of this picture!
You have made my day.
I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did painting this beautiful corner of Rye!

A lane in Rye - East Sussex - Watercolour

Tuesday, 25 April 2017


I am always excited when a buyer choose a card of a work in Watercolour and about England where I live.
Either the person knows this corner (Rye in East Sussex)
or simply has loved the colours and atmosphere.

A big thank you for your purchase...

Find it >>>>>>>> HERE

Thursday, 13 April 2017


This beautiful painting of Folkestone harbour
is for sale.
An Oil on canvas board.

For more info Click >>>>>>>> HERE

Saturday, 8 April 2017


My new shop!
Fully secure with payment taken by a third party Etsy.

I am regularly adding more paintings.
Notice, there is a Blog on there where I can show the newly added work.

When I have some news, I will email to those who subscribe.


House of Parliament and KitKat


                                                   Thank you so very much Ali S
for bringing a huge smile on my face.
I love a person with a sense of humour.
You have made my day lady.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Another "BEWARE" !!!

I have been informed about a site supposed to be a dating site that is not. 
It is nothing but filth
They are using my paintings to attract hits.
Obviously stolen photos from various sites!

Unfortunately for them, I will not give their address.

Please, if you search for my work, FOLLOW ONLY the links given on my websites

Monday, 3 April 2017

A lovely surprise on a Monday morning!

This morning I received an email from FineArtAmerica.

A kind buyer bought a print of Winter in St Andrews

This time  a Smart Frame was added to the Print.
It looks really great!


Saturday, 1 April 2017


Time flies!!!
I cannot believe it has been such a long time between my posting.

I have had trouble trying to find a place where to sell my paintings.

I have at last landed on a permanent site. It is my very own site with secure payment!!!
Secure for my customers and myself. I can send my paintings either in UK or all over the world.
The choice is mine!
I am transferring my watercolours. If you wish to have a look:

There is even a blog there where I post the latest painting etc..
and you can subscribe to my email list.
You would only receive an email when I am adding a painting. No spam!

So, coming back to the title of my post.
I am presenting you with my latest Pure Watercolour.
On Fine Art paper Arches
Fine art artist paint Winsor Newton

"Tea Rose"

Monday, 6 March 2017


I was born just after the war and I truly feel blessed to have lived at a time when children did not have TV, electronic games, Ipad... the lot!

Life was very simple at the top of my father workshop (stained glass windows) 
We lived there until I reached the age of 
6 years old. We had to move to a house after my baby sister was born.

I had a few books, colouring pencils, paper, a doll and a pram given by friends, a teddy bear that I lost. When I was given an orange on Christmas day, I thought it was the most wonderful ball I had ever seen.
When my mother peeled it, I was gutted!

The city of Amiens was badly destroyed by bombs.
I vividly remember house after house gone under rubble and me walking with my grandmother Alice.
When I saw a flower I was mesmerised and my dear grandma was climbing among the stones to get it for me. Trust me, children of today, it was something so special I will treasure in my heart to the rest of my life.

So the centre of Amiens was completed reconstructed.
Meanwhile, the shops had been replaced by dark little black wooden barracks on (if my souvenirs are right)  the Boulevard de Belfort

There was a patisserie where once in a while I could have a "patate" a little cake that has nothing to do with the ones found on the net.
Une patate at the time was soft, with almond taste... delicious!!!

So... where does Wedgwood fit in my story?

Well among the shops there was one that drew my attention.
Being a 5 years old, my nose was with the level of the bottom of the windows.
One day, I stopped in front of one who was displaying the most exquisite little dish.
It was of a beautiful blue with a whitish design on it.
I begged my mum to buy it. Of course she refused explaining to me, the money we had was for food and essential and not for this kind of things.

Each time we went shopping, I wanted to stop to look at this gorgeous little dish.
Then one day, my heart sunk, it was gone! (probably to the relief of my mum)!!! 

I never forgot the blue dish with the exquisite design. While in France I never saw another one.

Then I came to live in England and discovered Wedgwood.
Imagine my face when I saw all the pots, dishes, clocks, name it you have it!
The love of my youth, the beautiful blue and white design...

This morning I was cleaning a tiny vase and was thinking how moments that have marked our little lives.
-What do children of today who got it all, fall in love with?
-Will they ever encounter such experience?

Another thought:
- Should we take notice of our youngsters delight in front of an object?
There could be meanings. May be we could foresee the future taste of our children or even understand more about their aspiration?

Saturday, 4 March 2017


I belong to an international site where I post some of my paintings.

Yesterday there was a discussion regarding Copyright.

An artist was complaining her design has been copied by Chinese.

Those of you who follow me, will know I am a great defender of Copyright.

My answer was removed from the forum. I am going to try to remember it to its authenticity :

"It is well known Chinese copy other people designs. 
China has no rules and no regards about Copyright.
They know there is nothing we can do if they copy our work.
I ended on a note that some people did not like:
It is a shame that such a big country with so many people have not got the brains and have to find ideas from other artists."

May be this comment could somehow be regarded as aggressive but who can blame me when I have so many artists friends whose works have been stolen to be turned into designs or paintings simply copied and for sale on Chinese sites.

So the reaction was:

- My comment was removed, the thread was closed and so when I arrived on it the evening I could not reply to those who attacked me.

- I was reminded that USA was copying other people's works. Chinese people had created designs for centuries.
"Well excuse me but we are talking of now, what is happening on the internet!"

Only a few weeks ago I was praising on this Blog the watercolour artists in China and so I never had the intention to include the entire country and its inhabitants.
Beside, I am backing up two brilliant Chinese artists on the site Grandmasters of Fine Art.

I think the nastiest of comments was from a guy from UK.
He called me a racist and told me I should be ashamed of myself for tarring an entire population!

  • I have never been a racist in my life. I have friends in all countries of the world, all colours, all religions, all politics.
  • I might be living for the last 46 years in UK, but I was born in France. I have suffered from racism quite a lot!!! Many people accepted me, invited me, have been friendly with me, opposite to some who have ignored me and some even told me they did not like the French!
  • For the last 15 years, I have defended artists whose Copyright has been infringed and I will carry on doing so
As for China, it is a country that copy big names, Clothing designers, watches, art, cars, even the latest Lego who now is fighting a company who is copying their product.
If you do not believe me, find out on this link:

As I explain, they have no regard for Copyright and us little artists have no way to fight back!

Monday, 27 February 2017


Spring must be in the air!
I have decided to reorganise my studio.
I have always found tedious to paint In Oil and turn to Watercolour in the same work space.
Each time, I have to clean all surfaces to make sure there is no Oil Paint left around. 

Watercolour paper is very receptive to grease.

I am lucky enough to be able to split Oil And Watercolour into two areas.
These last few days, I have created space for only Oil And Acrylic painting.

So here is my new working space:

The studio where I am going to create Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

The Studio where I will be working in Watercolour

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