Thursday, 13 April 2017


This beautiful painting of Folkestone harbour
is for sale.
An Oil on canvas board.

For more info Click >>>>>>>> HERE

Saturday, 8 April 2017


My new shop!
Fully secure with payment taken by a third party Etsy.

I am regularly adding more paintings.
Notice, there is a Blog on there where I can show the newly added work.

When I have some news, I will email to those who subscribe.


House of Parliament and KitKat


                                                   Thank you so very much Ali S
for bringing a huge smile on my face.
I love a person with a sense of humour.
You have made my day lady.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Another "BEWARE" !!!

I have been informed about a site supposed to be a dating site that is not. 
It is nothing but filth
They are using my paintings to attract hits.
Obviously stolen photos from various sites!

Unfortunately for them, I will not give their address.

Please, if you search for my work, FOLLOW ONLY the links given on my websites

Monday, 3 April 2017

A lovely surprise on a Monday morning!

This morning I received an email from FineArtAmerica.

A kind buyer bought a print of Winter in St Andrews

This time  a Smart Frame was added to the Print.
It looks really great!


Saturday, 1 April 2017


Time flies!!!
I cannot believe it has been such a long time between my posting.

I have had trouble trying to find a place where to sell my paintings.

I have at last landed on a permanent site. It is my very own site with secure payment!!!
Secure for my customers and myself. I can send my paintings either in UK or all over the world.
The choice is mine!
I am transferring my watercolours. If you wish to have a look:

There is even a blog there where I post the latest painting etc..
and you can subscribe to my email list.
You would only receive an email when I am adding a painting. No spam!

So, coming back to the title of my post.
I am presenting you with my latest Pure Watercolour.
On Fine Art paper Arches
Fine art artist paint Winsor Newton

"Tea Rose"

Monday, 6 March 2017


I was born just after the war and I truly feel blessed to have lived at a time when children did not have TV, electronic games, Ipad... the lot!

Life was very simple at the top of my father workshop (stained glass windows) 
We lived there until I reached the age of 
6 years old. We had to move to a house after my baby sister was born.

I had a few books, colouring pencils, paper, a doll and a pram given by friends, a teddy bear that I lost. When I was given an orange on Christmas day, I thought it was the most wonderful ball I had ever seen.
When my mother peeled it, I was gutted!

The city of Amiens was badly destroyed by bombs.
I vividly remember house after house gone under rubble and me walking with my grandmother Alice.
When I saw a flower I was mesmerised and my dear grandma was climbing among the stones to get it for me. Trust me, children of today, it was something so special I will treasure in my heart to the rest of my life.

So the centre of Amiens was completed reconstructed.
Meanwhile, the shops had been replaced by dark little black wooden barracks on (if my souvenirs are right)  the Boulevard de Belfort

There was a patisserie where once in a while I could have a "patate" a little cake that has nothing to do with the ones found on the net.
Une patate at the time was soft, with almond taste... delicious!!!

So... where does Wedgwood fit in my story?

Well among the shops there was one that drew my attention.
Being a 5 years old, my nose was with the level of the bottom of the windows.
One day, I stopped in front of one who was displaying the most exquisite little dish.
It was of a beautiful blue with a whitish design on it.
I begged my mum to buy it. Of course she refused explaining to me, the money we had was for food and essential and not for this kind of things.

Each time we went shopping, I wanted to stop to look at this gorgeous little dish.
Then one day, my heart sunk, it was gone! (probably to the relief of my mum)!!! 

I never forgot the blue dish with the exquisite design. While in France I never saw another one.

Then I came to live in England and discovered Wedgwood.
Imagine my face when I saw all the pots, dishes, clocks, name it you have it!
The love of my youth, the beautiful blue and white design...

This morning I was cleaning a tiny vase and was thinking how moments that have marked our little lives.
-What do children of today who got it all, fall in love with?
-Will they ever encounter such experience?

Another thought:
- Should we take notice of our youngsters delight in front of an object?
There could be meanings. May be we could foresee the future taste of our children or even understand more about their aspiration?

Saturday, 4 March 2017


I belong to an international site where I post some of my paintings.

Yesterday there was a discussion regarding Copyright.

An artist was complaining her design has been copied by Chinese.

Those of you who follow me, will know I am a great defender of Copyright.

My answer was removed from the forum. I am going to try to remember it to its authenticity :

"It is well known Chinese copy other people designs. 
China has no rules and no regards about Copyright.
They know there is nothing we can do if they copy our work.
I ended on a note that some people did not like:
It is a shame that such a big country with so many people have not got the brains and have to find ideas from other artists."

May be this comment could somehow be regarded as aggressive but who can blame me when I have so many artists friends whose works have been stolen to be turned into designs or paintings simply copied and for sale on Chinese sites.

So the reaction was:

- My comment was removed, the thread was closed and so when I arrived on it the evening I could not reply to those who attacked me.

- I was reminded that USA was copying other people's works. Chinese people had created designs for centuries.
"Well excuse me but we are talking of now, what is happening on the internet!"

Only a few weeks ago I was praising on this Blog the watercolour artists in China and so I never had the intention to include the entire country and its inhabitants.
Beside, I am backing up two brilliant Chinese artists on the site Grandmasters of Fine Art.

I think the nastiest of comments was from a guy from UK.
He called me a racist and told me I should be ashamed of myself for tarring an entire population!

  • I have never been a racist in my life. I have friends in all countries of the world, all colours, all religions, all politics.
  • I might be living for the last 46 years in UK, but I was born in France. I have suffered from racism quite a lot!!! Many people accepted me, invited me, have been friendly with me, opposite to some who have ignored me and some even told me they did not like the French!
  • For the last 15 years, I have defended artists whose Copyright has been infringed and I will carry on doing so
As for China, it is a country that copy big names, Clothing designers, watches, art, cars, even the latest Lego who now is fighting a company who is copying their product.
If you do not believe me, find out on this link:

As I explain, they have no regard for Copyright and us little artists have no way to fight back!

Monday, 27 February 2017


Spring must be in the air!
I have decided to reorganise my studio.
I have always found tedious to paint In Oil and turn to Watercolour in the same work space.
Each time, I have to clean all surfaces to make sure there is no Oil Paint left around. 

Watercolour paper is very receptive to grease.

I am lucky enough to be able to split Oil And Watercolour into two areas.
These last few days, I have created space for only Oil And Acrylic painting.

So here is my new working space:

The studio where I am going to create Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

The Studio where I will be working in Watercolour

Tuesday, 7 February 2017


"Hidemi Tada in front of a Bougereau"
Pure watercolour
Will find its way to Japan... 

It was time for me to thank the great artist Portraitist from Japan: Hidemi Tada

Hidemi has produced 2 portraits of mine, one In Oil, the other In Watercolour.

Hidemi Tada is well known for his reproductions of Old Masters.
His favourite being Bougereau!

He is very prolific and has painted thousands of beautiful works.
Portraiture has become a passion and his friends have been lucky to receive
his creations.

Friday, 13 January 2017


It was a matter of time before someone asks me if I have been published. I have had so many demands in the past by supporters of my work...

Well the answer is No, I have not been published.

But, with advice from a friend, I created a book that is now available.
I have received a copy and am very proud to publicise it.

Great printing. The perfect little gift for a friend or a mum...

If you click on the picture, the link will take you to the book.
You will be able to turn the pages and decide if you want to buy it.
There is a choice of SoftCover, ImageWrap or DustJacket, all at different prices.

It should not be too long before I produce another one!

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Going Chinese? Marie's Watercolour.

 Chinese have learnt, created and adapted and added the Art of Watercolour in the West to their traditional ways of painting.
They have wonderfully well interpreted landscapes and flowers.

With both styles combined, they create truly awesome paintings

It was time for me to find out a bit more.
I asked Father Christmas to bring me some Chinese watercolour paints.
Are they different to ours? Are the colours more subtle?

Could I mix the styles as they do or would I struggle?

I searched the net to find out if there was some Chinese watercolour sets sold in UK.
I found some.
 The difficulty was to find out how they look,  how they behave etc..
I have decided to give some help to artists that might be tempted to give it a go.

So, I chose Marie's watercolour Chinese watercolour paint. (The alone one on the market)

They come only in small size tubes of 5ml.

I was happily surprised to find that each tube was covered by a protective cap, probably aluminium stuck on the opening.
I wonder if it is to help with the longevity of the paint (in case it hardens like some do..)

I am showing an untouched tube.

Before starting a new medium or new paint, I love experimenting with the colours...

(On ARCHES paper)

Each tube has a number. The rest is written in Chinese and so, there is no way to discover the subtle difference between the Reds of the Blues...

I have made a reference chart. May be one day, I will have to replenish a colour or two.

At first glance, I truly thought the beautiful colours of Winsor Newton did not have to worry about the competition.

I suppose it is while working with these colours, I will appreciate their softness within the tints.

I can imagine a landscape painting with the charm of China or Japan.

Now let me show you if there is any difference of tones between the Chinese paints and the ones I use (Winsor Newton - Sennelier)

I have no difficulty in finding the one I prefer
but I will keep it secret!

I also wanted to know how well they could be lifted from the paper.

As you can see: No problem

I also got some Ink as it is the traditional way of Chinese painting.

They are beautiful.

I will find a way to grind them without to go to further expense.
I will give the results later.

I have experimented with them.

The Ink is permanent. It does not lift.
I dampened one stick and rubbed it on some of my watercolour paper.
Once dried I added some Sennelier watercolour.

Interesting texture

Chinese artists use Rice paper. I have received some too.
I still have to experiment with it but I see no reason why I cannot work on HP watercolour paper.
It is as smooth as the Rice paper.

To follow.....

Let me finish with a  painting by artist Qian Xuan [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


It is what I call a Chinese traditional painting
Such finesse, beauty within the style... freshness.

13th Century - On scroll - Ink and colours.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Many thanks to a customer from Ashford in Kent

Many thanks to a customer from Ashford in Kent.

I have just been informed by
I have sold another pack of 10 cards of Winter in Dungeness.

I am very grateful to all my buyers.

It encourages an artist to carry on producing...


Belated thank you to my customers

Artists have a family life too...
It means that sometimes, it can be disrupted.

I would like to thank

A customer who lives along the Thames in UK who bought from

One pack of 10 cards 

1 Card

1 Card


Tuesday, 6 December 2016

A thank you to customer from Australia

A very big thank you to a customer from Australia who has ordered 
goods from my store on

You have made my day.
It means, I have to carry on designing...

Giving you a choice with galleries to explore


Thursday, 1 December 2016

DETECTIVE WORK! Scam or Genuine email!

Artists are constantly and relentlessly targeted by scam emails 

We need to be on our guard and ready to fight these intruders!

Today I received an email from Artists & Illustrators, they were forwarding me a message left on my Portfolio.

Hum! Nice... may be!

It is not the first time I received messages from the Portfolio on A&I as I suggest on my own website.... "If people are not sure my site is genuine, they can get in touch with me through Artists & Illustrators (My Portfolio)

So here is the message:

First warning by the Magazine: The user is not registered... Most people who contact an artist want to be recognised as genuine too... so they sign.

"Hello Seller"

First mistake. Genuine people call me Beatrice. If they use the term Seller, it has to be a string of multiple messages left to several artists.

"Am interested in immediate purchase of your listed Artwork for Sale on Artists and Illustrators and I would like if it's still available for sale and would love to see our personal website for more artwork if available."

Scammers always tell us they want to purchase immediately. It is a ploy to get you in a panic as we do not like to miss a sale.

Of course they also want to buy several artworks. Think of it... What an offer if you are not tuned to the world of crooks on the internet!

My website address?; It is on the my Profile page!!! 😃

Now as for the turn of phrases and mistakes.... it is the final nail in their box of tricks!

When you are not sure about an email, share it with friends. 
Most of the time, scammers use for their email address, a well known name, mostly dead artists or colonel or poets... all kinds.... It sounds good.

Use Google to research their email address. It can be mentioned in forums by other artists, or be on a list of scammers. Of course this one was the name of an old actress, dead a long time ago... I found her photos but did not know her.

By the way, they wanted to put their claws in this painting:

Tough! you will have to go through FineArtSeen

We will get them !!!!


Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Each artist works their own way. I do not pretend I know it all.
With more than 35 years playing with watercolour, I have accumulated some knowledge, I have been through time of despair trying to find my own way, bought unnecessary material I was fighting with.

So with this post, I am trying to show you how I stretch my paper.
Each time is perfect result. No wasted paper.

I have no way of showing with a Video. However I have been told a demonstration with photos is good as people can come back on it quicker.. !
I hope it is true.

So First of all, the paper!!!

You need to know the right side of the paper from the wrong side.
Most papers these days are made for the use of both sides.
But it is my belief that if there is a right side it is for some reason.

So here is a Saunders Waterford paper

The name is showing through the paper, if it was the wrong side, it would be reversed.

A TIP: Once I have found the right side, I put a cross in each corner of the sheet of paper.
It allows me to quickly find out which side I am working on, this if I have cut the paper in several pieces.
Notice too, on the left corner, there is a stamp down by Saunders Waterford. Their Logo.
It is raised on the Right side.

TRY TO  KEEP your paper on the right side facing you for when you are going to lay it in the bath for soaking and taking it out and laying it on a board.

Sometimes the paper is sent to you already cut and so some pieces will not show either the label or the stamp.
How to find the right side?

Simple: Look at the edges, on each paper you should have at least one edge, original cut from the factory.

On the Right side of the paper, the edge is not interrupted , it is continuous to the paper.

If you run a pencil against the edge you will meet a resistance as shown with the red pencil mark and the black dots.
It is the wrong side

So Now about soaking the paper.
I soak the paper for about 2 minutes for 300lbs more and you will loose some of its properties..

I run enough cold water and  making sure I do not put finger marks on the paper, I immerse it gently. I hold corners even to push it gently under water.

While it is soaking,
I make sure my MDF board is ready with my staple gun loaded!

By the way, I have bought a very large MDF sheet in B&Q.
My husband cut it in several sizes.
You can request this from the shop, they will cut it for you.


After two minutes, I lift the paper by one corner and let the water drip until there is no more dripping. 
You lay the RIGHT SIDE facing you, on the board, stretching the corner, making sure there no air bubbles under the paper. REMEMBER, no fingers on the paper.
You then fix the paper with the staple gun while stretching again from each corner

As you can notice, there is some buckling but after 30 minutes, it is perfectly flat and dry.
There is another way easy way to stretch paper: 

I have bought 2 sizes.

It is perfect! Dry and ready to work on within minutes. 

This is the back of the board.
It comes with black flexing rods 

You can see the Video below:

I will advise you TWO things.

- I do not use a towel as I have left the paper drip in the bath until no further dripping, holding the paper by one corner.
- I DO NOT put my hands or fingers all over the paper.
- I use a small hammer to fix the rods. Do not hit too hard or you might tear the paper.

Before soaking the paper, I cut it to the right size.
You must leave quite of an edge for the return of the paper.

See what I do:

I have a recess of about 2" all around the board.

Below is the Final result within 1/4 of an hour.

Ready to paint on!!!


Prepare you paper before going to bed. It will be ready for the next day.
Or before going shopping. It will be ready on your return!

Thanks to this demo... I have two boards ready for me to work on... Big smile on my face!


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